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A Day in the Life at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

So what is an average day like here at Alcohol Rehab? It really depends at what stage of the program you are in.

If, like me, you are detoxing, the first week can be pretty tough, what with trying to sleep and feeling rough. But because they kept me busy on the program, I didn’t spend all day lying on my bed feeling sorry for myself (like I did at my last rehab).

Now I am in week three, and I am feeling fitter than I have for years. Going to the gym doesn’t fill me with dread and getting up is fine.

I normally wake up at 7.45am and fall out of bed and into my swimming shorts and sleepwalk down to the pool for the 8am workout. I didn’t really like this at first but now I really look forward to it. It is a gentle half hour water workout that really wakes me up and energizes me.

After the workout I shower and change and go down to breakfast. We eat with a beautiful view of the ocean. We regularly see all kinds of birds, and sometimes monkies. Breakfast is really good. We can have a full cooked breakfast, congee, cereals, toast and the best orange juice which the staff in the kitchen squeeze out every morning.

The CBT group starts at 9.45am. This has been really challenging. There is nowhere to hide here and the only way to get through it is total honesty which can be hard after years of lying. But once you get it everything else falls into place and now I feel stronger emotionally than I ever have.

At 11.30am there are individual sessions. Yesterday I had a 1 on 1 with Steve. Today I am in the gym with Num the personal trainer. He is tough!!! He takes you just a bit further than you think you can go but I have not been this fit for years. I can see a little definition in my arms and I have lost 4 kgs. Sometimes I hate Num but I think I will look back and realize just how much he helped me regain some self esteem.

After lunch we either have groups like relapse awareness or more individual sessions. Today is the client meeting where we meet all the staff and talk about the program, the food and the week’s excursion. The staff actually do listen to us and things get done which is important to us clients.

We finish at six with enough time to shower and change for dinner. We get a mix of Thai and western food and it is very good. Last night was another clients last night so she had chosen the menu. We then had an ice cream cake and some speeches. I was really pleased for her and I am looking forward to choosing the food for my last night (Pizza!!!).

In the evenings we sometimes watch movies or play games. We also sit around playing drums which is a lot more fun than it seems.

So that’s one of my days. It might be different for you but I really like it here. I don’t want to have to go to rehab again so I am really trying to put 100% effort in and it feels like it is working.

(Reproduced with the kind permission of a former Client)

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