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Do Not Fear Loneliness During Residential Drug Or Alcohol Rehab

Many issues face those who find that drugs or alcohol currently have the better of them. A major factor is the fear of loneliness and having to ‘go it alone’ during any efforts to quit the substance that is currently ruining their lives.

We will look at this very real issue and explain why the worrying and unwanted thoughts of loneliness should not be an obstacle for those seeking much needed rehabilitation.

Indeed, those who seek help will discover a togetherness that will do them the power of good during treatment and recovery.

But, first things first. Before any assistance can be sought, decided upon and begun there is something those dependent upon drugs or alcohol must do for themselves:

The Beginning – Ending Denial:

The beginning of the end for any person’s dependence upon drugs or alcohol must start with acceptance and admittance that they have a serious problem, and that professional rehab assistance is needed.

It is an extremely common fact that addicts will deny the extent of their use and dependence to those closest to them as well as to themselves.

The reality is they are fooling no one. The very obvious effects that drugs or alcohol are having on them is evident for all to see.

This will be displayed in many ways with an example being erratic mood swings. You will either be up, boisterous and happy while high as a kite, or sullen moody and unresponsive when in need of a ‘boost’ from your substance of choice.

A real problem with this denial is the longer it continues the deeper a person’s dependence becomes.

While this is crushing your loved ones to see you in such a condition it must also be realised that it is leaving you wide-open to serious mental and physical health problems.

To begin the recovery phase a very brave personal decision has to be made. This is to own up to the fact that drugs or alcohol currently have the better of you and that you wish to seek professional help to overcome this dependence.

Once this tough decision has been made you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. Positive steps to confront and overcome your dependence with the qualified and caring help of professional rehab staff and establishments can then begin.

In-house rehab treatment – Progression and togetherness:

Inpatient rehab treatment is seen as a highly effective way to confront the problem of dependence. It also sets the stage for you to move forward positively with a life that is free from the pressure and angst constant substance abuse brings.

While it may be a very effective way of beating addiction it holds a major obstacle in the minds of many. That is the thought of being alone while trying to overcome what will undoubtedly be a challenging period of your life.

Those who are rightly concerned about this need to understand that it is most definitely NOT the case.

Once a rehab establishment is decided upon you should be confident in the fact that the care, guidance and counselling provided by the professional staff is yours.

Another crucial factor is that you will also be in the company of others who are in the same or a similar situation to yourself.

This camaraderie will do wonders for your recovery. There will be organised group sessions where you share your current challenges and worries, and just as importantly there will be ample time to mix on a social, relaxed basis in a calm environment that will encourage open discussion.

The saying “A problem shared is a problem halved’’ has never been more true than for those who are currently recovering from addiction.

This environment will help tremendously. It also gives the added incentive of helping and being helped through any periods of your stay when things seem harder than normal.

Such friendship and togetherness will be cemented even further on weekly excursions. Such outings are often cited as being extremely beneficial to the overall healing process.

Post rehab treatment – Continuing your drug or alcohol free life:

Quality inpatient rehab establishments will explain just how important a structured aftercare program is to maintain abstinence.

They will ensure you understand the options available and put into place an agreed program before you leave rehab.

You will also be given full information on organisations that hold regular meetings such as Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous. By attending such free and informal meetings you will receive additional encouragement to stay on the sobriety path.

You will also be in a position to offer support to others who may be struggling during various stages of recovery.

You are not alone:

Drug or alcohol dependence can cause those affected to feel the world is against them and they are alone. It is vital to understand that this really is not the case.

Caring professional rehab staff will do everything in their power to assist, and those who opt for an inpatient stay will find a camaraderie strongly marked by togetherness.

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