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Don’t Let Rehab Reluctance Push You Deeper In Addiction

A large proportion of the millions of men and women addicted to drugs or alcohol have a deep, unsettling reluctance to seek professional rehabilitation assistance.

Before we consider two major reasons behind this hesitation please consider this:

Skilled people do what they do for a reason:

In the normal scheme of things people seek help from those best placed to offer it. If you are feeling unwell or have unexplained pains, the natural route to take is a visit to your doctor. This is in the expectation that the cause of the problem and associated treatment offered will help you overcome your ailment.

If you have a major household emergency such as problems with plumbing, leaking roofs or a dangerous power situation only those with in-depth DIY experience would attempt to put things right by themselves. The majority of us would take the sensible route of contacting a professional tradesperson in that chosen field to resolve the problem.

This being the case, it stands to reason that if you have become dependent upon drugs or alcohol you should seek the caring, professional and understanding assistance of rehabilitation specialists.

These men and women have studied long and hard to become qualified in their chosen field, and have decided upon this profession because they have a passion to help others overcome addiction, yet many adults with addiction issues shy away from this obvious and sensible solution.

So, why does common sense fly out of the window for those suffering with serious dependence issues? Here are two major factors:


It is an established fact that those who are addicted live in denial. As their substance dependence deepens, so their denial of the fact strengthens. They will do everything to convince those closest to them that their problem is nowhere near as serious as it really is.

Just as worryingly they will convince themselves that their excessive use of drugs or alcohol is something they can control, and could stop if they really wanted to, but ‘not just yet’.

The reality is addiction forms a very tight union with your mind and body and has no intention of letting go easily. The desire and need you have to continue this feeding is reinforced by a clear fact; attempting to cease use will be met with a very strong resistance in the form of most unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

Fear – Part 1:

These feelings and your ever growing dependence lead to a deep, sickening fear of how you will actually cope without regular doses of your substance of choice.

Addicts spend much of their time determining where their next hit or slug will come from, and have a body clock with preset alarms as to when it needs administering. These all-consuming thoughts leave little chance of rationally considering withdrawal.

This is seen by the fact that when asked, many addicts claim ensuring a regular supply of their drug or drink of choice is the only thing that really matters to them.

While this is very understandable, it does not, and should not be an acceptable reason to prevent you from seeking professional addiction assistance.

Fear – Part 2

The fear of withdrawal, what is involved in rehabilitation treatment, in what is essentially a journey into the unknown, and the very real, immediate fear of how you will possibly cope going forward without your ‘crutch’ are all part of this immensely powerful fear factor.

These concerns will be very much to the fore when an addict takes the courageous step of sitting down with a drug or alcohol counsellor to discuss their current predicament.

For those addicts currently in this situation it is vital to understand that all of these fears will be addressed, and treatment options explained in a clear and concise manner during such discussions.

Many of these caring professionals have been through addiction themselves, they know the feelings, and understand the fears and apprehension you are wrestling with, but they also know such personal dilemmas must be faced head on if you are to come through the other side.

No sugar coating, but endless benefits:

Many addicts benefit tremendously from spending time as an inpatient at a well-run rehabilitation establishment. It must be understood that discussions and an understanding of what such a stay involves, what treatment you will receive, and what results can be expected will not be presented in a sugar coated wrapping.

These issues will be explained as they really are; warts and all, but in tandem with the challenges you will undoubtedly face there will be huge helpings of positivity.

Once the countless benefits of committing to this highly personalized treatment and healing are understood it should ensure your fears and concerns are put to rest. When this is the case that much needed journey on the road to recovery can begin in earnest.

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