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Having One For The Road Could Be The End Of The Road

‘One for the road’ is a common phrase used for those who decide to have one more drink before setting out on their journey home, or to their next destination.

If this ‘one for the road’ is being taken by someone who is driving, then PLEASE make sure it does not put you over the legal drink/drive limit of the country you are in.

If you are one of the many ‘regular’ drinkers that know you are over the limit, but blatantly flout the laws, then as well as seeking professional help for your alcohol dependence, you really should take time out to consider the potential damage and heartbreak you could be causing others by this completely selfish and irresponsible act.

Why do people drink and drive?

Everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking has their own reasons for doing this, but some of the more common ones are:

A false sense of confidence:

Drinking alcohol affects the pleasure zone of your brain, the reward centre if you like, and one of the feelings received is that of confidence and self-belief.

This makes it very easy for you to convince yourself that you are perfectly fine to drive after drinking. The stark reality is that you are not.

Worried about what partners or family will say:

There are those who do not want partners or family members to think they have been drinking to excess. Those of that ilk will mistakenly think that driving home is their best option. They also convince themselves that by the time they reach their destination they will appear sober.

If this is a reason you give yourself, please bite the bullet, phone your partner or a family member and get them to arrange for someone to come and get you. It is far better to face this temporary anger than the permanent grief you could very well cause by attempting to drive.

Lack of public transport or ‘expensive’ taxi journey:

Others do so because there is no public transport to get them home, or they do not want to pay for what they see as an expensive taxi journey. Those with this attitude should weigh up the cost of that taxi journey against the cost of being stopped by police and the subsequent penalties received when prosecuted, or even worse, the consequences of being involved in an accident.

I know the route like the back of my hand:

This excuse is a common one given by those who regularly drink and drive and have probably got a serious problem with dependence upon alcohol.

Just because they know the area, know the best route home from their watering hole(s) of choice, and think they can get from A to B with their eyes closed does NOT make it right.

If you are a regular drunk driver, you would be well advised to find the best route to a local rehabilitation centre where professional staff can help you come to terms with your alcohol problem and work with you to overcome it.

Consequences of driving while drunk:

We will put to one side issues such as potential job loss for those whose terms of employment state they need a clean driving licence for the position they hold, the huge inconvenience of being unable to get to and from anywhere under your own steam without a car, and the inconvenience and embarrassment you are likely to cause partners and family!

Instead, let’s consider just 3 consequences that should make you think twice about driving while over the legal alcohol limit:

The lightest consequence:

If stopped by the police and tests prove you are over the limit you will be prosecuted in due course, have your license suspended, face a fine or possible jail sentence, be unable to drive legally until your sentence is complete, and the icing on the cake: When you do get your licence back be prepared to pay astronomical amounts for vehicle insurance.

Being involved in a minor accident:

Then there is the possibility of being involved in a minor accident, whether you caused the accident or not. If the police are called and you are found to be drunk you will be prosecuted and face whatever sentence is handed down. You will also have to deal with the insurance problems that go with such an incident.

Causing or being involved in a serious accident:

This is the type of incident you will regret for the rest of your life, assuming you do not kill yourself in the process!

If you cause, or are involved in a serious accident that leaves others badly injured, scarred for life, or they die, then not only is a deserved custodial sentence coming your way, but you will have to live with such consequences and guilt for the rest of your life.

PLEASE do not drink and drive:

For those who are inclined to think it is acceptable to drink and drive there will ALWAYS be an excuse as to why this thinking is perfectly reasonable.

The brutal reality is that there is no excuse in the world that is acceptable for anyone to drink and drive. The consequences for yourself and others can be absolutely devastating, and what makes these actions even more confounding is that NO ONE NEEDS TO DRINK AND DRIVE.

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