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Addiction Treatment Is A Must, But What Are The Options?

Anyone with an addiction will have looked at the various treatment options open to them. Some will have undoubtedly tried to beat their dependence and been unsuccessful, but this setback should not stop them from trying again.

Whatever the addiction, treatment is an absolute must:

Whatever addiction you are currently struggling with, be it the most common ones of alcohol or drugs. Gambling; which is often called the hidden addiction. An addiction to sex; which by its very nature is generally a well-guarded secret, or any other dependence that has taken over your life, one thing is a certainty: Treatment is an absolute must.

Different solutions for the same problem:

Here are 3 treatment solutions for addiction with some of the advantages and disadvantages each holds. Dependent upon your circumstances and length of dependence one may suit better than another.

But, once there is a clear understanding of what routes are most commonly offered it should allow you to make an informed decision on which to choose.

General Practitioner:

Discussing dependence issues with your doctor is certainly a positive way to go. In many cases you will be known to them and they will be aware of your medical history.

Those with drug dependence issues can be offered treatment along the lines of ‘tapering’. This means that a plan to gradually reduce the amount and frequency of the substance you are taking will be put into place, or a substitute drug with similar qualities will be offered to help you come off your current drug of choice.

For other addiction issues they may well be in a position to offer prescribed medication to help, and in both instances will certainly be able to recommend and arrange additional treatment at an:

Outpatient rehab centre:

Either via your doctor’s referral, or arranging an initial appointment directly must be applauded. This positive step shows you are ready to face up to your addiction issues and seek professional help.

The caring individuals at these centres include fully qualified medical staff as well as counsellors. Many of these professionals will have solid addiction treatment experience and will offer assistance however they can.

Potential drawbacks to consider with both of these options:

Both options are a positive response to your dependence issues, but there are also unwanted challenges to overcome.

Major factors are that this type of treatment is appointment based only, and that you will be living in the same environment which originally fuelled your addiction.

These 2 drawbacks mean long periods without supervision and the fact that temptation will be around every corner. Such negatives often drive an addict back to their old habits.

Inpatient Rehabilitation:

A stay as an inpatient at a well-established rehabilitation establishment is considered by many addicts and professionals alike as the treatment best placed to help beat dependence.

The many positives of such treatment include being taken out of your current, sterile environment and placed in a new one that offers calm and peaceful surroundings. This setting will put you in the right frame of mind to come to terms with your addiction.

You will then move on to understand the deep underlying problems that have caused addiction in the first place, and progress through healing using an individually tailored program. This will include counselling, constant encouragement, a set daily routine and physical activities based on your capabilities.

All of this and more is designed with the addict in mind. It should be seen as a springboard to a fresh start without the weight of addiction upon you.


Unfortunately, many dismiss this form of treatment and recovery for two major reasons:

Fear: This fear is based on the unknown and what lies in store during a stay. It also centres around the common fear of how they will possibly survive without access to whatever has caused their addiction.

Have no fear: This fear will quickly be put to bed once you listen to and understand what is on offer, how things work and the types of treatment you can expect.

The caring and professional staff; many of whom are long-term recovering addicts, have a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to addiction and how recovery can best be achieved.

Cost: It is true to say that some inpatient rehab establishments are well beyond the cost of many, but this is not the case with overseas rehabilitation centres. These quality, fully certified establishments offer similar or better treatment in luxurious surroundings at a fraction of the cost charged by those in your own country.

Another aspect of cost that should not be overlooked is health insurance policies. Many of these will meet a certain percentage of costs for addiction treatment. If you are in any doubt as to what your policy covers, a responsible inpatient rehabilitation establishment will have staff who can advise on this matter dependent upon your policy and cover.

The choice is yours, but whichever you choose, choose one!

The longer a person maintains denial over a dependence the deeper it becomes. It is vital that those with addiction issues seek sound, professional assistance as soon as possible. Hopefully the above has given you an idea of what is on offer, and even more hopefully will encourage you to seek help without any further delay.

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