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Gambling Addiction – Don’t Stack The Odds Against Yourself

gambling addiction

Make no bones about it; gambling addiction destroys lives, and not just the addict’s.

NO limit:

Casual gamblers enjoy an occasional flutter but will stop if they are losing too much or when they reach a pre-set loss limit. This is not the case for someone who is addicted to gambling.

These men and women have a compulsion to continue gambling, usually to recoup losses encountered, but also if they feel their luck is in. In either case thoughts of stopping will not enter their heads.

This attitude and need to continue gambling becomes increasingly destructive as time goes by.

Listen to expressed concerns:

If family members or friends have expressed concern about your levels of gambling it is extremely important to take heed.

As with other addictions, denial plays a huge part in a gamblers mentality and mind-set. You may not realise just how deeply entrenched your gambling problem is.

By taking such advice on board, or finally ending denial, you will be taking a huge step to preventing financial disaster that could well effect you as well as those closest to you. To do this professional rehab assistance is an absolute must.

It needs to be constantly stressed that an addiction to gambling will not go away on its own.


An added issue with gambling addiction is that experts do not fully understand what causes one person to have the problem and another to be unaffected.

Educated thoughts on the causes centre around a combination of genetic, biological and environmental factors.

But unless you speak with a counsellor on the matter there is little chance that you will be able to accept the reasons, understand what it is doing to your life and then be in a position to do something about it under the guidance and care of professional rehabilitation.

Traits of a gambling addict:

Here are just 5 of the many reasons that may make a person more susceptible to gambling addiction:

  • Gender: Men are more likely to become compulsive gamblers than women. Women who are addicted are likely to start later in life, but they become addicted more quickly.
  • Early start: Those who gamble during pre-teen and teenage years are more likely to develop a gambling addiction. Most addicts develop the habit between their 20’s and middle age.
  • Family/Friend influence: If a family member or close friend gambles heavily, you are more likely to follow suit.
  • Mental health and/or substance abuse problems: Those who have a heavy reliance on alcohol or drugs as well as those with personality disorders, depression or anxiety have a greater chance of becoming addicted to gambling.
  • Personality: A person who is ultra-competitive, a workaholic, impulsive, constantly restless or easily bored has a greater chance of falling foul of gambling addiction.

Take a very brave gamble:

Don’t keep your gambling hidden away. It will ruin you and cause deep suffering to those closest to you.

Professional help is available and it must be pursued to stem losses, protect your physical and mental health and save loved ones from untold anguish.

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