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What Is Drug Taking All About?

drug taking

The debate on which side of the fence you sit regarding the use of illegal drugs continues unabated.

Those against are convinced it will damage a person’s health, social standing and end their lives far earlier than if they had resisted the lure.

Those in favour of using drugs for recreational purposes state they offer new experiences, high’s that are worth chasing and are part and parcel of living.

The reality would appear to be somewhere in between. Here are a few pointers that should be worthy of discussion.

The type of drug concerned:

It is very clear that not all illegal drugs are the same. It is also important to understand that each individual can react to the same drug in a different way.

  • Sedative-type drugs: Think alcohol, heroin and substances from the tranquiliser family. By nature, these drugs slow down the way a user’s body and brain functions. Numbing effects are common and if excess amounts are taken drowsiness is a given.
  • Stimulant-type drugs: Cocaine, crack, ecstasy and amphetamine are included in this grouping. The stimulating effects received give users a boost in energy and alertness.
  • Hallucinogenic-type drugs: LSD and magic mushrooms are the most commonly used drugs in this section. To a certain extent certain strains of marijuana and ecstasy that actually includes a good percentage of MDMA can also do the trick. These drugs work by altering a person’s feelings, visions and hearing.

Dangers involved:

Drug use certainly has dangers attached, but are they all serious enough to cause concern? Here are some parameters:

  • Amount taken: The more taken the greater the danger. Excessive sedative use can lead to a fatal overdose. Excess use of a stimulant drug offers cardiovascular problems, panic attacks, and for those who really overdo it psychotic behaviour. Hallucinogenic drugs have the ability to leave a user on a long, drawn-out trip providing disturbing experiences. Unexpected flashbacks long after the drug has been used are also a possibility.
  • Regularity: The more often a drug is taken, the greater the health risk. This is particularly the case if a user does not allow the body to recover from the last binge. The body and mind is also susceptible to a tolerance towards many of these drugs. As tolerance builds, more of the same is required to achieve the results previously experienced.
  • Additives: Let’s be clear on this one. No user knows exactly what their substance of choice contains. Powder and pill forms of drugs are more often than not adulterated. These additives can increase the dangers of use.
  • Cocktails: It is a pastime of many drug users to mix and match drugs into cocktails. Dependent upon the drugs involved and the amounts used relates to ever heightening dangers.
  • Methods of use: Risks are related to the way a person takes their substance of choice. Intravenous injection offers the fastest hit, it also offers the greatest risks. Snorting or inhaling a substance can be fairly quick but the effects are less intensive, smoking a drug generally produces a slower, more subtle effect whereas the slowest effect of all often comes when a person eats or drinks a substance.

Are the risks and dangers worth it?

There are a host of other issues surrounding drug use, but the above should be a good starter for the debate of which side of the fence you are on.

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