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A Well Mixed Cocktail Can Be Savoured – A Drugs Cocktail Can Kill

drug cocktail

Think long, lazy days by the pool, or lying on a beach with a well-mixed cocktail in hand. As long as taken in moderation this can add to perfect days of well-deserved relaxation.

Now consider the many drug users who mix drugs into a homemade cocktail while searching for a higher high. Whether this is on an occasional or regular basis it should be stopped immediately.

Drugs are potentially lethal enough when taken alone:

Whether the drug being taken is prescribed or illegal it should be taken with extreme caution. Individual drugs can cause huge problems if excessive amounts are taken, overdose awaits, and if the user starts to regularly partake in a substance of choice this can lead to increasing use, drug abuse, dependence and addiction.

To consider mixing one or more of these drugs is greatly increasing the risk of harm to the person involved.

Everyone reacts differently:

Just because a friend or acquaintance suffers no adverse reaction to a substance does not mean you will be unaffected.

Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to drugs. What works well for one person can often do exactly the opposite for another.

Once again, this is bad enough when a single drug is involved, but to mess around with a drugs cocktail is raising the potential problem stakes far higher than any increased effects being searched for.

5 Potentially deadly drug cocktails:

Here are just 5 of the commonly mixed substances that can give a user much more than they bargained for:

Cocaine and any opiate:

Many class this mix as the legendary ‘speedball’. It is also notorious for killing those who dabble. Think unregulated body temperature, seizures, strokes and heart attacks. To compound matters many of the initial symptoms are not recognised until it is too late.

Cocaine and Ecstasy:

The combination of 2 stimulants is extremely dangerous. The effect can be to exacerbate the effects of each. Sleep will definitely not be on the agenda, but damage to the cardiovascular system is common and overheating of the body is a regular occurrence. If this is severe enough a stroke is yours.

An added complication to this mix is that both these drugs are famed for being ‘cut’ with other substances. This means a user has no idea of what they are actually taking.

Alcohol must be mentioned:

Many drug users do not see anything wrong with drinking alcohol while on their drug of choice. How wrong they are!

Alcohol and Benzodiazepines:

Individually these two substances are some of the most abused on the planet. This makes mixing them a common occurrence. By doing so many are in for a shock.

Respiratory failure is massively increased. This often happens without others being aware because the user appears to be in a deep sleep. The reality is they have slipped into a coma.

Alcohol and Prescribed painkillers:

This is a preferred cocktail for those who are bent on suicide, but it is also a very popular party combo. that can turn celebration into chaos. It is very easy to overdose on this combination and unless emergency treatment is received the consequences can be tragic.

Don’t mix:

Drugs in general do not mix well. They offer enough problems when taken on their own. There is no elevated high that is worth your life by mixing and matching different substances.

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