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Are You Drinking Too Much Through Boredom?

alcohol boredom

People turn to alcohol for many reasons. Stress in a relationship, pressure of work, general unhappiness with their lot and boredom are all common reasons.

We will concentrate on the latter to understand what can cause a person to be so bored that they seek solace in drink and what can be done about it.

Why are we affected by boredom?

A major factor is lack of motivation. We all suffer periods of boredom, but most determine not to let these bouts affect us for too long. We overcome boredom by doing something that occupies the mind or interests us.

Those who lack motivation quite often lack personal interests, they do not get involved with hobbies or pastimes, or they have a job that they see as secure but is extremely dull and repetitive.

If a person allows themselves to slip into a rut where boredom becomes the norm. this can become extremely unhealthy for their mind and body.

Drinking because you are bored:

This may seem like a good idea at the time. Having a drink will initially relieve boredom, your thoughts can wander and your problems drift, but focusing on alcohol to relieve boredom is a dangerous route to take.

What may start out as a couple of drinks early evening can quickly extend to later drinking, earlier starts and a habit that becomes all-consuming.

Boredom fuels tolerance:

It is very easy to increase intake because your body and mind are tolerant of alcohol. They like what they are getting and want more. This urge for more means an extra glass here and there, then another half-bottle, and on it goes. This increased drinking can become a habit that is difficult to stop.

As tolerance builds it means you need more of the same simply to achieve affects previously experienced. It is continued increases in tolerance that lead to dependence.

Don’t bottle those feelings up:

If you are frustrated and bored with your current situation, drinking is not the answer. You must make a concerted effort to change your mindset.

Here are 3 things that can begin the process of relieving boredom and allow you to enjoy a drink because you feel like one, not because you think it will mask boredom.

  • Talk to a loved one or close friend: Choose a person you can trust and explain to them how you are feeling and why boredom seems ever-present. Not only will this help get things of your chest, it will allow that person to consider ways in which they can help.
  • Hobbies or pastimes: If you do not have a hobby or pastime, search for one. Look for local groups in your area and go along to one of their evenings. Making new friends can have a very positive effect on relieving boredom.
  • Consider a change in employment: This may not be an easy one, but while you are in a job it is easier to find a new one. Consider things you are qualified for, apply for vacancies, and if successful make the change. A new working environment can do wonders to dispel those negative spells of boredom.
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