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Effects Marijuana Has On The Mind & Body

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There is a very good chance that those reading this article will have tried marijuana at some stage in their lives, or know of someone who uses it.

Very commonly used:

This natural plant is one of the most popular substances on earth. General consensus is that occasional use will do little permanent harm, but that effects are certainly noticed.

There is also concern that regular or excessive use can cause long term harm. This particularly relates to ‘super-strength’ marijuana which should be taken with caution due to the additives it contains. These can certainly cause harm.

What’s the buzz?

‘Weed’ is just one of the many names given to marijuana that is harvested from “Cannabis Sativa” which is a hemp plant.

The plant contains many chemicals and compounds, but it’s most active ingredient is THC. This is the buzz delivery ingredient.

How is it used:

The vast majority of people will smoke the dried leaves, but it can be made into edibles that include cakes and cookies or brewed for a ‘herbal’ tea!

Smoking marijuana has the effect of THC being absorbed by the body immediately. Eating a food contained with it will take far longer to hit. This is because the body must break it down before it can enter the bloodstream.

In this respect, those eating food, cookies or cakes laced with marijuana need to be careful not to overdo it. Many have their first portion, wait a while, think nothing is happening so take more. When the multiple-effects come flooding in so do associated problems.

It is important to understand that however it is used, once in your system it will affect just about every bodily organ, the nervous system and a person’s immune system.

Effects on the brain:

Here are 5 effects that smoking pot causes:

  • Increased heart rate: A person’s heart rate can double for around 3 hours.
  • Increased risk of heart attack: Due to the increased heart rate, the risk of a heart attack is also increased.
  • Lower levels: The user’s blood pressure as well as their blood sugar levels will be lowered.
  • Bleeding: Any abrasions or cuts that are oozing can increase in intensity
  • Increased cancer risk: If marijuana is mixed with tobacco and rolled as a ‘joint’ this can increase a person’s risk of lung cancer. It is often seen that those who smoke the drug regularly have persistent, niggling coughs with increased risk of lung infections.

Positives as well as negatives:

The reason people smoke marijuana is because of the changes in mind and mood it offers. These can be pleasant and relaxed, but there is also a downside. Here are just 10 to consider:

  • Laboured breathing
  • Dilated pupils and/or red eyes
  • Very dry mouth
  • Appetite increase – The famous ‘Munchies!’
  • Slow reaction times – Do not consider driving when high
  • Time becomes distorted and either stands still or whizzes by
  • Thoughts about subjects that come out of the blue
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased risk of depressive spells
  • Forgetfulness – while this is seen to happen short-term, long term memory can also be affected

Be aware:

There are many who praise the effects of marijuana from the highest heaven, but in recent years the mix of products containing the substance has increased the THC strength.

While the jury is still out on how damaging marijuana is, there is little doubt that these other additives will cause harm if use is regular.

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