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Factors Affecting Your Drug Taking Experience

drug taking

The millions of people who take illegal substances in search of highs will experience different feelings and effects. This will be dependent upon which type of drug they use.

We will consider 3 groups of drugs and factors that will dictate effects received.

Sedative drugs:

This includes heroin and alcohol. Taken at moderate levels they will affect a person’s co-ordination. This makes them more accident prone, affects their judgement and often leads to a devil-may-care attitude.

Sedative drugs are highly dangerous if taken to excess and can cause a fatal overdose. They can also lead to physical dependence. Anyone dependent upon a sedative drug is guaranteed to experience painful withdrawal symptoms if they cease use suddenly.

Stimulant drugs:

This group of drugs will keep the body and mind racing, sleep is of no interest and appetite is diminished. The feelings received make them popular party drugs with good examples being Cocaine and Ecstasy.

Stimulant drugs are also addictive and are particularly dangerous for anyone with existing blood pressure or heart problems.

Hallucinogenic drugs:

Hallucinogenic drugs are not addictive, but can produce some disturbing experiences. This may lead to dangerous or erratic behaviour by the person going through a ‘trip’. Drugs in this category include LSD and Magic Mushrooms.

Common factors that dictate the experience:

There are many factors that will dictate how a person reacts to a drug. Here are 3 major ones:


The more regularly a person uses a drug the greater their health risks. These risks are further increased if the body has not had time to fully recover from the last dose.

Certain drugs also ensure a person develops a tolerance. This means that more is needed on a regular basis simply to achieve the same effects as previously experienced.


It is rare to find a street drug that is not ‘cut’ with some other substance. This can range from sugar to rat poison. A user never knows what makes up the pill or powder they are taking and this can lead to all sorts of problems.


Many users deliberately mix different drugs in an effort to reach different highs, or to help them come down after a particularly long drug binge.

This is certainly not recommended as it can have serious effects on the body and mind. In short, a person often does not know whether they are coming or going and their body can react likewise.

One cocktail that is regularly used which many do not consider as ‘mixing drugs’ is any substance with alcohol. This can be particularly dangerous in terms of heart and blood pressure problems.

Don’t get into a habit:

It is very easy to see occasional drug use escalate to regular use. Drugs are moreish, they tempt and often encourage a user to take more than necessary.

Once a person gets into a regular routine of drug use it can quickly escalate. Before they realise it they are unable to do without their substance of choice.

This subsequent dependence upon drugs will bring many more problems than pleasures.

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