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Inherent Dangers Of Buying Street Drugs

street drugs

Countless people continue to purchase drugs from the street, or from one of the many dealers willing to make house calls. Whether you are buying illegal drugs or prescription medication that has been diverted from its intended destination you are taking risks galore.

Here are some of the reasons why.

I know my source:

Many drug users think that because they have known their dealer for a good while that the substances being offered will be of the expected quality and safe to take.

It is important to understand that the street dealers are well down the supply chain when it comes to receiving substances. They may not ‘cut’ the substances they are selling themselves (although many do!), but they have no control or knowledge of what has gone to making up the substances they are selling.

Please do not believe anything you are told about quality or the actual ingredients of a drug from a dealer. It is highly unlikely they will have any accurate information.

Suppliers do not have your interests at heart:

Do not think for one minute that suppliers of substances care one jot about your personal health or safety. The only thing they care about is the size of your wallet.

It is obviously in their interests to peddle substances that ‘work’, but they have no qualms whatsoever if they need to substitute ingredients if preferred ones are in short supply or unavailable.

They will also regularly cut the original substance in order to increase their profits even further. This means with each purchase a user does not know what they are taking and how it could affect them.

Offered alternatives:

The aim of a dealer is to ensure that a buyer comes back for more. The more often a buyer comes back the greater the turnover for the supplier, but the greater the risk of dependence for the buyer

If a user’s preferred substance is not available it is common for the dealer to offer alternatives. Because a user is intent on getting high they will often accept these replacements. This is a dangerous thing to do.

Not only is a user getting into multiple substance use, there is the possibility that the replacement is far more addictive than their usual choice.

A criminal record:

If you are found with drugs on your person it is highly likely that you will face prosecution.

“They are only for personal use” is an oft touted response when a person is apprehended with drugs in their possession. This may well be the case but it does not wash with the authorities.

Being convicted of a drug offence will cause untold problems that could very well affect the rest of your life.

It is not something you will want to show on your C.V., it is not something you will want to advise current or potential new employers of, and it will restrict world travel.

Countries such as the USA have immigration laws in place that prevent those convicted of drug offences from entering the country.

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