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Where To Seek Assistance For Substance Abuse

substance abuse help

Far too many men and women allow occasional drug taking to slide into regular drug use. Because of the moreish effects most illegal drugs have on a person this progression is relatively easy to achieve.

Stopping the slide:

No matter what stage you are at with your drug use it is important to be aware of regular increases. As soon as you feel these increases are getting out of hand you need to either cease use or seek professional help. Failing to do so will lead to heavier use and a possible dependence.

No shame:

There should be no shame or embarrassment in admitting that you are concerned about the use of a particular substance. Indeed, it is something that should be applauded. It is a very sensible thing to admit because it means you are aware of the potential problems escalating drug use can bring.

Where to seek help:

There are a number of places that help can be sought.

Online resources:

There are a host of online resources that can give specific advice about drug use, the different substances and their effects.

Reading, learning and understanding can be a key motivator to help you leave drugs alone. Many sites also offer confidential advice lines where you can discuss problems with trained councillors. These discussions will be in total confidence and allow you to ask frank, honest questions.

Your doctor:

If you have a good relationship with your doctor this is an excellent place to discuss substance use problems. Your doctor will know you personally and be aware of your medical history.

They will have a general knowledge of the substance you are concerned about and should be able to give you tips on how to reduce and stop use.

They should also point you in the direction of your:

Local rehab outpatient clinic:

These clinics major on helping those with substance issues and can offer solid, professional advice. Qualified staff are on hand to advise and assist. An initial phone-call may well help in ascertaining the way forward to help you quit.

If an appointment is felt necessary you can arrange one in complete confidence and this should start the process of addressing your substance use problem.

Inpatient rehab establishment:

These establishments are ideally suited for those whose dependence on drugs has grown to such an extent that they cannot do without them.

If you are currently someone who cannot get through the day without substance use it is extremely important to speak with professionals who deal with such problems on a daily basis.

Inpatient rehab clinics are seen as the most positive way to help those with dependence problems quit drugs. The healing and treatment methods are specific to the individual and are completely focussed.

A stay at such an establishment also takes you out of your current sterile environment and into one that is completely geared to rehabilitation.

The sole aim of an inpatient rehab establishment is to help those with any kind of substance problem regain their self-respect and give every opportunity to continue with a life of sobriety.

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