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The Peer Pressure Of Alcohol And Drug Use

Peer pressure is something everyone should resist. The reality for many is that this is far easier said than done. Here are 2 stages of life when peer pressure relating to alcohol and/or drug use can test a person to the limit: School friends: This relates to boys and girls between their early and mid-teens….

AMT – What You Should Know

AMT comes from the stable of laboratory created psychoactive substances. It is increasing in popularity as an alternative to Ecstasy and LSD. Seized batches of Ecstasy have also shown it as one of the ‘ingredients’. History: This long acting, synthetic psychedelic was originally developed during the 1960’s with the intention of marketing it as an…

Types Of Rehab Treatment – H to I

Here’s the next manageable overview of different addiction rehabilitation options. A wide choice of treatments awaits those looking to free themselves from personal heartache and the heartbreak their condition is causing those closest to them. Letters H to I. Harm reduction model: A wide range of harmful behaviours are linked to those with substance disorders….

Blood Alcohol Concentration

As a person continues to drink alcohol during a session their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) changes. Here are some points on how BAC levels change during a session and where the dangers lie for those who drink far too heavily. Guidelines only: The information given is as a guideline only because everyone is different. Some…

Don’t Let Xanax Take Over Your Life

Let’s make two things crystal clear from the start: Even when used as directed by your physician Xanax is potentially addictive. Those who buy on the street and abuse the drug are heading for rapid addiction. Who needs Xanax? The generic name for Xanax is alprazolam. Contrary to what many believe it is not an…