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What Is Alcoholics Anonymous All About?

For the majority of men and women currently struggling with alcohol issues there often appears no way to turn. This leads to deeper dependence and the associated unwanted baggage it brings. Rehab is a must: While there may seem no way to turn it is important to understand that help is available. The first step…

G. Alan Marlatt – Pioneering Addiction Researcher

< !CDATA[A pioneer in the field of addictive behaviors, respected researcher and distinguished scientist, [G. Alan Marlatt, sadly passed away on March 14 2010. Marlatt was a professor and the director of Addictive Behaviors Research Centre at the University of Washington for many years. He was a key researcher in understanding the problems around addiction...

Alcohol Rehab for Doctors

Doctors in Rehab CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports on doctors in the USA going to rehab for substance abuse. Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Doctors The context of this older report is: Should the public be notified of when a doctor is having a substance abuse problem, and should he/she be allowed to continue practicing while…

Alcohol, the Most Harmful Drug of All

A recent study in the Lancet, Drug harms in the UK: a multicriteria decision analysis, co-authored by David Nutt, says alcohol is the most harmful drug to society. Alcohol bests heroin and crack cocaine when it is assessed for its harm to the individual and society as a whole.