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Dealing with Denial: Convincing Addicts to Admit to Their Addiction

Denial is the most significant roadblock to substance abuse recovery. This defence mechanism is how alcoholics or drug addicts to protect themselves from the truth of their addiction. A person lying about their addiction or refusing to discuss it may be the first indicators of denial. At this point, the alcoholic or drug addict may…

Bali Drug Therapy

Bali Drug Therapy for Mental Illness Dr. Suryani is a psychiatrist in Bali. She treats impoverished people with mental illnesses with drug therapy– mostly, with anti-psychotics. Bali Drug Rehabilitation Therapy The video follows Dr. Suryani to meet several of her patients. She has been giving impoverished patients anti-psychotic drugs for free. Many of her patients…

Naltrexone Assisted Recovery

Kay Quinn, reporting for Channel 5 News in the American Mid-West, introduces us to a woman who has abused alcohol for nearly thirty years, but who has now got her habit under control with the help of a drug called Naltrexone.

Using Antabuse to Help Treat Alcohol Abuse

Dr. Charles Sophy, who has appeared on Channel VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, discusses the use of the drug Antabuse to help treat alcohol addiction. Antabuse, also known as Disulfiram, acts by preventing the body breaking down the alcohol in the bloodstream. The body is therefore unable to deal with alcohol in the normal…