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Coping with Bad Decisions

We must make hundreds of decisions each and every day. Some of these decisions are simple and others can change our lives. Sometimes we make decisions that are not in line with our authentic selves. We choose to go against how we have decided to live on a daily basis, our morals, values, and beliefs….

Total Honesty in Recovery

Honesty and addiction are enemies. Addiction to anything tends to make us lie, possibly steal, and do whatever is necessary to hide the extent of the addiction. This is unhealthy, but while in addiction it all seems perfectly normal. Now that you are in recovery or considering recovery, you must change your way of thinking….

Meth Mouth – A Terrible Consequence of Ice Addiction

The Ice Epidemic – An International Addiction Problem Methamphetamine addiction has taken the world by storm. Also known as ice, meth, and crystal meth; methamphetamine is a highly addictive and very toxic drug that devastates individuals, their families, and society at large. The problem is so bad that many beautiful locales known for their high…

Low Moments Make Us Who We Are in Life

When you think about your life, what do you remember? Do you remember all the sunsets you have seen? Vacations you have taken? What memories stand out the most? For some people, the best memories stand out, but for addicts it tends to be the worst moments that are truly defining. If you are in…

Staying Clean When Stressed

No one likes to admit it, but most people are stressed out. Stress can in many ways lead to addiction, but addiction then in return causes stress. Consider this cyclical idea. Many people who are stressed out turn to some form of addiction. Perhaps you stress eat, shoveling in extra calories in sweet and salty…