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Australian Alcohol Consumption

A survey on Australian alcohol consumption earlier this year gave an interesting insight into what respondents thought of the nation’s drinking habits. Although the online poll commissioned by the country’s Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Fare) took in results from only 1,820 men and women across the country it did produce some clear concerns….

The Inherent Dangers Of Mixing Drugs & Alcohol

Mixing Drugs & Alcohol – Taking drugs while out socialising is certainly a popular pastime. So is the consumption of alcohol, but what many do not realise is that mixing the two is a recipe for disaster. Let’s take a look at why and cite 2 popular combinations that really should be avoided. Stimulants and…

Solvent Abuse – Not To Be Sniffed At!

Solvent Abuse – Abusing solvents is something that youngsters see as a way of getting high. The age range of these abusers is astonishingly low and is put between 11-16 years old. The majority of those experimenting with solvents do not realise the inherent dangers of such an activity. Here’s what solvent abuse is, its…

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment is an absolute must. Persuading those who are abusing substances of this fact is another matter! Why do those abusing substances refuse treatment? This is down to a number of reasons. Drugs change the way the brain works, this means that more often than not a person with abuse issues is not…

What Is A Sober House?

Those who have successfully completed a stint at an inpatient rehab establishment often feel the need to make use of a sober house as part of their continued recovery. Defining a sober house: A sober house, or sober living homes as they are often called are group homes for those people recovering from addiction issues….