Drug and Alcohol Rehab Malaysia

Drug and alcohol treatment options in Malaysia are extremely limited. Most appear to be government run agencies that serve a lower economic class. As one article states, “The CCSC [Cure and Care Service Centres], which is jointly-run by the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) and Yayasan Salam, offers help to people such as drug addicts, sex workers and the homeless through 27 centres nationwide.”

Hopefully, the CCSC has a better treatment paradigm and system as described in a 2009 article in the International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Additionally, also described in the journal article, the detox philosophy (at least regarding opiates) is very disconcerting:

“Malaysia has a policy of “cold turkey” detoxification for a person addicted to an opiate. Specifically, a person is placed in small cell for a week where he or she goes through withdrawal. Once the withdrawal ends, the person is medically examined and sent to a rehabilitation center. The only exception to the “cold turkey” detoxification” is if the individual is 55 years of age or older or has medical complications. If this is the case, he or she is admitted to a hospital, and goes through withdrawal with medication.”

While private treatment facilities are also available, most incorporate religion into their treatment approach.

Drugs and the Law

Drug laws are strict and severe:

“If you possess, use or traffic in illegal drugs in Malaysia, you will be sentenced to significantly longer prison sentences and much heavier fines than [e.g.,] in the United States. Malaysian legislation provides for a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. If you are arrested in possession of 15 grams (1/2 ounce) of heroin or 200 grams (seven ounces) of marijuana, you will be presumed by law to be trafficking in drugs.”
U.S. Department of State

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Asia

Fortunately, at least for English speaking persons, help is available a short distance away with us—Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia. We have helped people from all over the world overcome abuse of, and/or addiction to, alcohol and or drugs.

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When coming to Thailand for treatment at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, most of our clients fly into Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi (pronounced “su-wan-na-poom”) Airport (BKK). Flight time of non-stop flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok are just over 2 hours. DARA is located on the tropical island of Koh Chang in Trat Province on the eastern part of Thailand, so you’ll need to have a connecting flight from Bangkok to Trat. The flight from Bangkok to Trat is less than an hour with two direct flights daily provided by Bangkok Airways.

Upon arrival at the Trat Airport, you will be escorted to Bangkok Hospital-Trat by an English speaking member of their staff. All clients, before entering rehab at DARA, will be admitted to Bangkok Hospital-Trat for 24 hours for a full medical assessment and observation which is included in the price of your DARA treatment package. If you need more than a 24-hour stay at the hospital for in-patient detoxing, you will, however, be responsible for the additional fees directly to the hospital.

When you arrive at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, you will be welcomed by members of our staff, and will be oriented to some logistics regarding your program and your new surroundings. You can then spend the rest of the day and evening settling into your private villa and relaxing in our luxurious, stunning surroundings. You’ll be ready to join our other clients in the recovery program the following day: holistic rehabilitation utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy supplemented with other activities—e.g. stress management and exercise—for a healthy mind and body.

Explore our website for more information about Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, including information about Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia as your international destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery; then, give us a call at +66 87 140 7788, or email us at info@alcoholrehab.com or use the contact form.

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