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8 Obvious Signs You Need Drug Addiction Treatment

Denial does absolutely nothing but fuel drug addiction. Rather than beat about the bush let’s get quickly into 8 very obvious signs showing that a person needs help to curb their dependence on drugs. Acknowledging any of these signs: Acknowledging any of these signs means help should be sought now. It also goes without saying…

A Functioning Alcoholic Is Still An Alcoholic!

Many think of an alcoholic as being down and out, homeless and unable to cope without a bottle in their hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. No stereotype: There are certainly alcoholics that fit a profile of being unable to maintain relationships, care for their children, hold down steady jobs, live in isolation…

Poppers – The Dangers Of Amyl Nitrate

We all know that party poppers can help a social event go with a bang, but what effects do the illegal group of drugs known as ‘Poppers’ present? Poppers aka Inhalants: Poppers belong to a broad group of misused substances that are used to receive instantaneous highs. We will concentrate on one particular chemical which…

Unwitting Family Contributions To Relapse

Once a person has completed initial rehabilitation they will be armed with defence mechanisms that include relapse avoidance. One direction they may not be expecting the pressure to come from in terms of falling back into use is from their own family. In all cases this will be unwitting, but it is an unfortunate reality….

Signs Gambling Dependence Is Growing

It is far too simplistic to point to bigger stakes being laid as the major sign that gambling is taking over a person’s life. There are many more signs and symptoms that point to a problem that must be faced if a person is to avoid issues that will affect their personal relationships and health….

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