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20 years as an Alcoholic – True Story

Brian is a bus-driver from Blackpool in England. He describes his nearly twenty years as an addict to alcohol. He began drinking with his fellow bus-drivers and often came to work not able to remember what he had been doing the previous evening. This, he came to regard, as normal.

Story of Alcohol Addiction
He first knew that he was addicted to alcohol when he realized that he needed rather than simply wanted to drink. In fact, he found he could not go out to the pub with his mates and drink in a normal manner unless he had drunk up to a liter of vodka first. Eventually, he was told by a doctor that if he did not stop drinking, he would be unlikely to survive another year.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery
Since stopping drinking, he has had a new lease of life. While regretting the lost years, he is now glad that he can live the rest of his life alcohol-free, and that he can help other people with the same problems. Now, he helps out with a number of alcohol addiction programs, including one that he started himself. He also works with the local police counseling those who have been arrested for alcohol offenses.

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