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Alcohol Rehab for Doctors

Doctors in Rehab

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports on doctors in the USA going to rehab for substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Doctors

The context of this older report is: Should the public be notified of when a doctor is having a substance abuse problem, and should he/she be allowed to continue practicing while in treatment for it? Both sides have legitimate arguments. The public, of course, does not want to go to a doctor with a substance abuse problem, and rightly so. The medical board is concerned that, if they do not operate (and the diversion program doctors need to step back from their practice while dealing with their addiction and notify the public), that most doctors will not come forward to get the help they need, still putting patients at risk.

Both sides have very valid arguments. We believe that the diversion program needs to be studied and operated much better.

This video came out in 2008. We have been unable to find out if there is a similar program for doctors experiencing substance abuse still running or not.

Source: AC 360 – CNN

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