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Private Prisons in America

Government Outsourcing Prisons

In the USA there are a number of private corporations that operate prisons in many different states. One of the largest and oldest is Corrections Corporation of America.

With more then 60% of inmates in the USA incarcerated for drug offenses, this is highly relevant to treatment centers which are better equipped to treat and return drug offenders back as productive members of society.

Crowley Correctional Facility
In 2004 at Crowley Correctional Facility, there was a prisoner riot which brought the state of private run prisons to light. Crowley is operated by Corrections Corporation of America. The complaints of the prisoners were poor food and treatment of inmates. Inexperienced staff at the prison fled and outside forces were needed to be brought in the quell the riot.

America Has More People in Prison Than Any Other Nation
In 2009, America housed 2.3 million people in prisons. If you take the accepted statistics that 60% are there for drug related crime, there are approximately 1.4 million people in prison for drug related crimes.

In private prisons, it is reported that there are 49% more assaults on staff and 65% more assaults on inmates. The state of Colorado pays 95 million dollars per year to private corporations to house their excess prisoners.

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