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Facing Challenges During Recovery

Recovery Preperation

Life will not be a walk in the park for those who are progressing along the path to sobriety, but hopefully they will remain determined enough to continue this progress.

Challenges NOT problems:

Achieving and maintaining sobriety will present a myriad of issues for any man or woman intent on maintaining sobriety.

These will be daily and come along on isolated incidents as well as on a repeat basis, but instead of looking at them as problems they should be considered as challenges. Challenges are positive and challenges can be overcome.

Do not try to do too much too soon:

Impatience and a need to push on will be a trait for those wanting to get their lives back on track, but heaping too much pressure on yourself will only lead to unnecessary stress.

Sit down, take stock and try to keep an orderly routine. Keep reminding yourself that if the day has been a struggle, tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and another day where alcohol or the drug of your choice has been left firmly behind.

It is not a competition:

Remember, it is not a competition. You have no reason to rush things to finish first.

Recovery finds different people at different stages, don’t look enviously at what others appear to be achieving in their quest for sobriety. Instead look at and count your own blessings in terms of the progress made.

Some days this progress may appear to have stood still, other days it will proceed in a far more progressive fashion.

It is important to take the rough with the smooth. Don’t get yourself too low that dark thoughts of substance use begin to regularly appear, don’t get so high that you think you have completely cracked it.

No less valuable:

As we have mentioned, achievements will be reached when you are ready, don’t envy others in your self-help- group, applaud their progress but also keep fully focussed on the goals you are trying to achieve.

As each challenge is met, look at the next with renewed confidence and be prepared for setbacks, but do not be prepared to let them get the better of you.

Recovery is hard work:

Make no mistake, recovery is hard work, it will test a person to the limits and at times leave them exasperated, but the only way to overcome this is to work hard on a daily basis. There will be no holiday from beating addiction, but there will be reward and that reward will clearly show in the progress a person continues to make.

Look after yourself:

To achieve and continue along the sobriety path it is imperative that a person looks after themselves. Ensure your diet is balanced, try to get ample sleep, and do not hold anything in that is nagging at you.

Speak openly and frankly with your counselor, sponsor and those most dear to you. By continuing in this positive frame of mind you are giving yourself an excellent chance of beating addiction and moving on to a life of renewed hope.

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