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What Is Alcoholics Anonymous All About?

alcoholics anonymous

For the majority of men and women currently struggling with alcohol issues there often appears no way to turn. This leads to deeper dependence and the associated unwanted baggage it brings.

Rehab is a must:

While there may seem no way to turn it is important to understand that help is available.

The first step should be to seek professional rehabilitation assistance. This can be arranged via your doctor, directly with an outpatient rehab centre, or by opting for a highly recommended option of agreeing to a stint as an inpatient at a well-respected rehabilitation establishment.

This type of treatment offers fully focussed healing methods which include personalised counselling and a recovery plan that is specific to the individual.

During this period an alcoholic will learn to accept their current situation, the reasons for and acceptance of it as well as how to successfully progress towards a life of continued sobriety.

They will also be introduced to a variety of voluntary organisations that are there to help once an inpatient stay comes to an end.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

By far the best known voluntary organisation is Alcoholics Anonymous or ‘AA” as it is commonly known. This international organisation consists of individuals who have struggled with alcohol at some point in their lives.

It operates independently of any outside funding and is supported as well as organized by its members. It must also be made clear that it is not affiliated with any religious or political group.

The goal of AA:

The aim of AA is to promote sobriety by carrying its message to suffering alcoholics. This is achieved in a whole host of ways that include:

  • Closed meetings for members only.
  • Public meetings where loved ones or others with an interest in understanding alcoholism and its issue can attend.
  • Provision of sponsors for recovering alcoholics.
  • Advice and information on all things alcohol related.
  • Motivational speaker sessions
  • A widely lauded 12-step program that targets progressive healing and maintaining sobriety.


The organisation’s name makes it clear that anonymity is important. It should be made very clear to all those struggling with alcohol issues that upon becoming a member they will remain anonymous.

AA feel very strongly that this anonymity removes the stigma of identification and recognition. They also passionately believe such anonymity allows a member a far more comfortable experience while in recovery.


AA pin their colours very clearly to the mast on this one and to place an emphasis on their commitment to helping ALL alcoholics.

Membership is open to all persons regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity.

Membership requirements:

Once again AA make it very clear how committed they are to assisting those with alcoholism issues.

The only requirement needed to become a member is that a person has a desire to stop drinking.

Invaluable assistance:

Anyone going through recovery from alcoholism should contact their local AA group. Taking advantage of the organisation’s vast practical experience, the knowledgeable advice available and the proven recovery methods that could be the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse.

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