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Driving While Under The Influence

don't drink and drive

Those men and women who drive while either under the influence of alcohol or drugs are doing something they know is wrong.

That something could have consequences they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Think seriously about drugs and driving:

This offence is far more commonly associated with alcohol, but there is a growing trend amongst law enforcement organisations to either give those suspected of being under the influence of drugs a roadside test, or to detain them until a test is completed on police premises.


Unpredictable and irresponsible actions caused by driving under the influence are major reasons why a person should not. The level of these actions depends upon a variety of issues.

Here are 5 common ones:

  • The type of substance taken.
  • The amount of the substance taken.
  • The level of intoxication at the time of driving.
  • The tolerance a person has relating to the substance in question.
  • The physical and mental state of the driver.

Effects of various substances:

Here are some of the effects that different substances will have on a person who drives while using them. Once again it must be stressed that these effects vary in severity dependent upon the state of the driver.

We will major on alcohol because that is the most abused substance for those driving while under the influence.


  • Reaction time: It is known that alcohol slows a person’s reflexes. This in turn decreases the ability to act correctly in the ever-changing situations driving presents.
  • Vision: Alcohol also slows down the functioning of eye muscles, it alters eye movement and visual perception. This makes the possibility of blurred vision far higher. Some people also find their night vision and perception of colour impaired.
  • Judgement: This refers to judgement in terms of road positioning, distance of other vehicles or objects and speed travelled.
  • Concentration: Those under the influence of alcohol are very likely to have impaired concentration, or at the very least lapses of correct concentration.
  • Decision making: A reduction in eye/hand/foot coordination is often evident. Sensible decision making also goes out of the window as soon as a person over the limit put the key in the ignition!


  • Marijuana: Drowsiness, slow reactions, problems with coordination and balance, lack of attention.
  • Cocaine: This drug puts a person on edge. It can lead to aggressive driving, speeding and road rage incidents.
  • Heroin: Sleepiness, a greatly increased chance of falling asleep while behind the wheel. Driving skills that are severely impaired.
  • Methamphetamine: Like cocaine, when a driver is under the influence of meth they can display aggressive behaviour, erratic driving, rage and a complete disregard for road rules.

Extreme consequences mean little to too many:

Despite extensive warnings, media advertising, word of mouth and the legal consequences involved while under the influence of alcohol or drugs this obviously means far too little for far too many.

The habit is widespread, the potential consequences devastating. If you are a person who drives while under the influence please take heed of the following: STOP IT!

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