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8 Signs That Alcohol Abuse Is Turning To Dependence

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Here are 8 signs that show your current level of drinking is reaching the stage of a very unwanted dependence upon alcohol.

  • Tolerance: Regular drinking or abstinence then concerted binge drinking sessions leads to a building tolerance of alcohol. The brain and body like what they are receiving and demand more. The problem is that amounts which previously satisfied are now insufficient. The result; a steady increase in the amount of alcohol being consumed simply to reach the desired effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: We are all aware of the shabby feelings a hangover offers, and while these are not pleasant, an occasional hangover is part and parcel of most drinker’s lives. Dependence upon alcohol is deepening when a person finds that going without a drink for an extended period means withdrawal symptoms kick-in. These feelings include nausea, increasing anxiety and hot flushes.
  • Pastimes remain in the past: Think about hobbies or pastimes that you used to thoroughly enjoy, but have now fallen away. If this is a fact it is because your focus is centred more and more on alcohol and where that next drink is coming from.
  • Damage to relationships: Excessive alcohol intake can lead to negative consequences in various relationships. This can include problems at work, falling out with close friends and above all unnecessary and unwarranted strain on personal relationships. The heartache and angst you are causing to your loved ones can understandably become intolerable for them.
  • Earlier starts, Later finishes: This is a common trait amongst those sliding into a dependence upon alcohol. They will begin to drink earlier and will finish their drinking sessions later.
  • Secret drinking: Another common sign that alcohol is getting the better of you. Drinking alone or drinking in secret shows that you are trying to hide the amount being consumed. Deep down you know that drinking is causing many problems, but the temptation and need for alcohol is that much stronger.
  • Lying: The start of continuous lying will begin with a few fibs relating to how many drinks you have had. These fibs will grow into lies about how much you are actually drinking, what you are drinking and where alcohol is being consumed. Such untruths will be told to concerned friends as well as those closest to you. You will also lie to yourself about the fact that everything is under control. Lying is very closely associated with denial. Denial is the major hurdle all alcoholics must overcome if treatment is to be accepted.
  • Dangerous situations: It is a well-known fact that drinking reduces inhibitions. It also makes a person far more reckless. A “devil-may-care” attitude is common and this can lead to situations with serious consequences. Examples are driving while under the influence of alcohol, being involved in excessive violence and having unsafe sex.

Take a step back:

It goes without saying that the more points above you acknowledge, the deeper your problems with alcohol are. Take a step back and look honestly at your alcohol intake. If it is out of hand or getting there, then the sooner professional help is sought the better.

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