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Do You Need Alcohol To Function?

functioning alcoholic

If your alcohol intake is at such a level that you need a drink to function normally, you need help.

Functioning alcoholics:

Many of those dependent upon alcohol like to think of themselves as functioning alcoholics. The truth is, they are alcoholics.

The image of a person on skid row, unkempt, homeless and drinking from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag is something that is overly exaggerated. Yes, of course there are people in this state, but there are many more hiding behind the more ‘glamourous’ title of ‘Functioning Alcoholic’.

No matter how others see you, or you see yourself, the fact that you cannot get through the day without alcohol means that help must be found if you are to avoid physical and mental health problems that will lead to a deteriorating lifestyle and quite likely an early grave.


This major thought obstacle must be overcome before an alcoholic can begin to address the problems that drinking is causing.

Denial has 2 strands to it, both need to be eliminated:

  • Denying to others: There will be strong denials to loved ones and those closest to you if the subject of your drinking habits are ever raised. You will be quick to state that you are not drinking as much as people think, and that you are in control of your drinking.
  • Self-Denial: An alcoholic works very hard on suppressing thoughts and feelings regarding the amount of alcohol they are consuming. This self-denial gains in strength the longer excessive drinking continues. Over time it is quite possible to be completely self-convinced that there really is not a problem, even though it is clear for all to see.

Reality needs to be accepted:

If denial is maintained, problems with alcohol will deepen. The sad fact is that it often takes a major incident in an alcoholic’s life before they admit to their drinking problems and seek professional assistance.

Three common incidents are:

  • Drunk in charge of a vehicle: Those alcoholics who have convinced themselves that they can function fully while excessively drinking will take this functionality to a whole host of different levels. One of these is their confidence in being able to drive with excess alcohol in the bloodstream. After all, they have got away with it on countless occasions in the past, so why not continue? Hopefully they will come to their senses and stop, but failing that, the longer it continues, the greater chance of being apprehended by the law. The knock-on effects are known to all.
  • Divorce: While an alcoholic may be in denial, their spouse certainly is not. Everyone has a breaking-point, and if an alcoholic continues their selfish ways this can lead to a devastating divorce.
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour: The more alcohol consumed, the lower a person’s inhibitions are. Sexual advances to a friend or stranger may seem perfectly acceptable to a person who is drunk. Those who are subject to such advances as well as onlookers will most certainly have a different view.

It is NEVER too late to seek help:

There should be no embarrassment, no shame and no hesitation in seeking professional rehabilitation assistance. The longer denial is maintained and excessive drinking continues the deeper an alcoholic’s problems will become.


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