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Different Types Of Relapse – Part 3

Going Through Recovery

Going Through Recovery – This is the 3rd and final installment relating to causes of relapse. The first is an extremely common one particularly during early stages of recovery.

Social Pressure:

While addicted, life will have been filled with friends and acquaintances who had similar tastes in terms of the substance(s) you were regularly using.

Getting dragged back into mixing with these people is something that must be avoided.

Arranging to meet up with anyone who is still using drugs or drinking heavily will lead to unnecessary temptation. When meeting up with these old acquaintances you will convince yourself that you could take just have a little of whatever is on offer and then leave it alone.

Think long and hard, the reality is that having a little will lead to a lot more.

Unless they are very close friends who you know you can trust, and have made it crystal clear to them that substance use is out of the question, such ‘friends’ should be avoided.

This is particularly the case during the early stages of recovery when temptation is generally strongest.

It needs to be remembered that you are not the ‘old’ you, you are the ‘new’, stronger more determined you.

Hurting your loved one:

Going through recovery can strain relationships with your loved one. Daily challengers are on your doorstep and these will affect you as well as your loved one. Many people tend to hurt the one they love.

If a prolonged or protracted argument culminates in you thinking “enough is enough, I will start using again just to show them I do not care” this type of relapse is hurtful for both parties, and does no one any good.

It may be tough for you going through recovery, but it is also tough for your loved one. At times, they will feel they are treading on egg-shells while around you.

It is important for you both to sit down and work things out. If needed include a counsellor or trusted friend, but do not let things fester and build-up to a situation where you feel the utmost mental pain can be dished out by getting back on to your substance of choice.

Trying to achieve too much too soon:

It is a given that all those recovering want things to get better quicker than quick, but it must always be remembered that addiction was not an overnight event and that recovery certainly will not be.

If you try to cram too many things into your day the only thing that will be achieved is higher stress levels, bigger disappointment because the numerous goals you set have not been achieved and a feeling of being unable to cope or move forward objectively.

This type of situation can easily lead to you reaching for the pipe or buying a bottle because you feel worthless.

What needs to be understood is that recovery is a gradual process. If it takes a little longer to reach a goal than expected don’t get uptight about it, but do celebrate it once there.

Set reasonable targets, if you don’t achieve them all then re-schedule. Life will get easier the further you progress.

Steady progression is the key:

Steady progression and determination will gradually reduce thoughts of a relapse and strengthen your desire to remain sober.

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