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The Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship

Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship

The Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship – A loving, long-term relationship must be based on trust, togetherness as well as give and take. If one partner gets a taste for alcohol this will at the very least put a strain on a relationship, and at worst destroy it.

Here are some of the reasons that anyone currently drinking to excess must understand why their actions are threatening the relationship they are in.

Neglecting expected duties:

The Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship – A relationship is a partnership. Both parties need to work at it and have expected individual responsibilities. If drink gets the better of one person then it will impair their cognitive functions and possibly their physical capabilities.

As drinking continues that partner will become less interested or able to perform duties that are expected and this will naturally cause friction.

Loss of interest in joint pursuits:

The Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship – If a partner is regularly nursing a hangover they will have little time to get involved in anything that involves physical activity or concentration.

The need to recover from the way they are feeling will be their uppermost priority. This will leave the other partner frustrated, angry and disappointed at yet another incident of where commitments are not seen through.

If an argument ensues there is a good chance that those with a hangover will respond by having an early drink to “put themselves right”. The only thing this will do is lead to another drinking session and further disappointment and disillusionment from their loved one.

Increased risk of legal problems:

When one partner regularly drinks heavily outside of the home they are increasing their risk of getting into disputes and fights, there is also a strong possibility that they will drive a vehicle when over the legal limit.

In both cases they are opening themselves up to legal problems that are bound to put additional strain on a relationship.

Domestic violence:

The Effects Of Alcohol On A Relationship – This is a sad consequence of one partner being drunk. Once they return home in a drunken state, arguments can begin over the slightest word said or action taken.

This can quickly escalate and get completely out of hand. Subsequent damage to property and the individuals involved is something that will not easily be forgotten.

It is this type of unforgivable violence that can cause the complete breakdown of a relationship.

Steps to take if alcohol has the better of you:

If you are currently in a relationship where you know you are drinking too much it is vital that you speak with your partner. They will be fully aware of your problem, even if they are not aware of its full extent.

In the vast majority of cases they will do everything they can to help, and will be able to arrange appointments with alcohol specialists or visits to an alcohol rehab clinic.

Ending denial and admitting there is a problem as far as your drinking is concerned is something that is needed much sooner than later.

An inability to admit to a drink problem could very well lead to that person being left alone and sliding deeper into alcoholism.

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