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Apps That Aid Sobriety & Help Achieve Other Goals

Apps That Aid Sobriety

Apps That Aid Sobriety – This article gives two free apps specific to iPhone users and 1 for both iPhone and Android users that can help a person maintain sobriety.

The 1st app has been designed with sobriety as its specific goal, the other 2 apps can be used to help a person remain sober, but have a wider brief in terms of encouraging a person to overcome negative moods and thoughts that lead to unhealthy behaviours.

I Am Sober:

iPhone: Free

Apps That Aid Sobriety – Those looking for a motivational mate can use “I Am Sober” as an electronic friend that will help them achieve their goals. It allows tracking in seconds, minutes, hours and days to remind you of how long you have kept away from the demon drink.

You will receive daily notifications that are targeted to encourage continued sobriety and notifications that are especially encouraging as each milestone is reached. These milestones allow you to add a memorable photograph relating to that particular milestone which can be saved or shared.

This motivational companion allows you to manually configure your journey. It will begin with your sober start date, and details of your drinking habit with a feature that allows you to set times notifications will appear.

These and other stats will be displayed on the motivation dashboard with inspirational advice and comments to spur you on.


iPhone: Free

Apps That Aid Sobriety – This app is not specifically for alcohol avoidance, but can certainly be used for that. The intention of Happify is to help a person overcome negative thoughts and moods that are known to lead to unhealthy behaviours such as abusing alcohol or drugs.

The conditions of depression and anxiety are common factors for those who adopt unhealthy behaviours. The solution for those suffering from these conditions is that they often seek the solace of alcohol in the false belief that it will help their situation.

Happify provides tools that offer ways in which a person can take control of their emotional well-being. This can help them resist the urges of negative thoughts and moods.

The app has been developed by scientists, mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) experts with programs and techniques offered that will help reduce stress and build a far greater resolve to resist negative behaviours.

A user should complete several activities offered each week that will gradually help lessen negative thoughts while also empowering them to resist negative actions.

If further proof that Happify is effective is required, please take note of this interesting stat:

86% of users asked how they felt after 2 months of continuous use stated that Happify had made them feel better about their lives.

iPhone and Android: Free

Apps That Aid Sobriety – is not specifically designed for those with dependence problems, but can be used as a motivator. It allows a person to set goals and then helps them work towards those objectives.

A user chooses the specific goal they wish to achieve and then the community get involved to help keep them on track and motivated. The app even gives the option of hiring one of their world-class coaches.

It will track progress and provide milestone rewards and there is always someone on hand from the community available to answer questions, give feedback on your achievements, and point out potential pitfalls that should be avoided. state that by joining their community it will help improve and grow a person’s mindset. Use of the app offers the benefits of positive, independent feedback and external accountability which should allow any goals set to be reached far more effectively.

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