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Ed Sheeran And His Year Out

Ed Sheeran Alcohol Recovery

Ed Sheeran Alcohol Recovery – Celebrities from the world of entertainment are no strangers in terms of flying close to the wind as far as excessive drug or alcohol use goes and many have succumbed to addiction. Their high-rolling life and circles in which they mix certainly lend to over-excess.

Recent revelations with a different slant:

The latest revelations by British singer/song writing superstar Ed Sheeran has certainly put an honest slant on things. October 2015 saw Sheeran announce that he was taking a year out. He did exactly that during 2016.

His recent revelations during an interview on the Jonathon Ross TV show explained he did so because he felt things were getting out of hand in the substance use and abuse department. While he did not go as far as revealing the substance in question it is understood in many quarters that alcohol was the culprit.

Some telling comments:

While Sheeran may be in the limelight some of his comments during the interview must surely hit home for those who are genuinely struggling with a substance dependence. Here are some comments to consider:

“I started slipping into it”:

How telling those words are. A deepening dependence upon drugs or alcohol starts with the odd session amongst friends on an occasional basis. It then increases to a weekly habit and before many realise it they are using their drug of choice or drinking to excess on a daily basis.

He further stated that he did not really notice it was happening and that while it began gradually it continued to creep up on him.

“It was all fun to begin with”:

If you are struggling with a dependence it is very likely that these words have been mulled over countless times. Yes, experimenting with drugs does seem like fun in the beginning. Yes, drinking on an all to regular basis with regular increases in amounts due to a growing tolerance also seems a cracking way to have a good time. But, it is far from that when a person finds they cannot get through a day without their substance of choice.

Ed Sheeran Alcohol Recovery – He listened to those around him:

Thankfully when taken to one side and told by others what they were seeing he took heed. The problem for addicts is that they are usually the last to realise they have a problem. This means they have little desire to listen to what others think. Perhaps the singers experience and positive reaction to what he was told will make others listen up when someone close to them voices their concern on such matters.

Denial did not wash:

Denial is one of the most damaging traits an addict has. As long as they remain in denial there is no chance of much needed rehabilitation assistance being put into place. Sheeran recognised that the way things were escalating could result in extreme difficulties in terms of simply walking away from his substance of choice.

It is granted that not many of us could possibly afford a year out. By ending denial before it becomes a major part of your make-up is the difference between fast and effective treatment. Maintaining a lie that leads deeper and deeper into dependence prolongs the chances of recovery.

Ed Sheeran Alcohol Recovery – You may not be in the limelight but…

Ed Sheeran should be applauded for being so frank about his problems. Hopefully those currently struggling with dependence issues, no matter how deeply entrenched. Will listen to his words and accept that addiction is far easier to find than it is to leave behind.

They should also acknowledge that long-term sobriety can be achieved with the assistance of professional rehabilitation treatment.

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