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Sobriety Apps To Invest In

Sobriety Apps

Sobriety Apps – Recovering addicts need all the help they can get while progressing along the road to recovery and as would be expected in our modern world, technology is ready to lend a helping hand.

There are a host of sobriety apps now available for smartphone users and a good selection of ones that are free of charge, but those looking to get a little extra should consider paying a little extra.

Here are 3 apps that are worth looking to invest in.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day:

Available on: Android and iPhone:

Cost: US$ 5.99

This app is based around Richard Walker’s book of the same name. The author has helped alcoholics from all walks of life with words of wisdom received in their daily recovery program.

Focus is given through 366 daily meditations from the book which allows easy focus on personal sobriety and the 12-step recovery process.

By swiping back and forth these daily messages can be read, understood and shared with family and friends. It is also possible to bookmark favourite meditations to ensure ease of access when required.

This app is a road-map that activates your own GPS-sobriety system to keep you pointing in the right direction through addiction recovery.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Available on Android and iPhone

Cost: US$ 2.99

This app is for those looking at a positive, relaxing but motivational way to resist and overcome those powerful cravings for alcohol.

Features of the app give tools to help with negative thinking, breaking unwanted habits and how to regain control of your thoughts, finances, health and overall well-being.

It is effective whether you are looking to cut-back on alcohol consumption or cease drinking completely.

A good example of its effectiveness is how it can help break those negative habits which result in you reaching for a drink and replace them with positive ways to achieve set goals and lead a far more healthful life.

Those using this app will open doors that enable positive decisions and accomplishments to be seen, and will be achieved through hypnotherapy, relaxation, visualization and positive suggestion methods.

12 Steps AA Companion:

Available on Android and iPhone

Cost: US$ 2.99

As the title would suggest, this app is based around the twelve-step personal recovery program afforded by Alcoholics Anonymous.

It provides the “Big Book” of the AA at your fingertips and includes over 60 stories.

Features include Morning and Evening prayers, promises on experience, hope and strength as well as thoughts and notes that can be shared with Facebook and Twitter contacts and those in your email address book.

A clearly designed dashboard appears every time the app is opened and displays how many hours, days, months and years you have remained sober. If activated, a feature can also calculate the sobriety time of all friends included in your ‘group’ of fellow sobriety-seekers.

Sobriety Apps can help but….

Any ‘tool’ that aids sobriety should be considered and ones that suit used, but please remember the onus to remain sober is really down to your willpower and determination!

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