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Affordable Inpatient Rehab Options In The USA

Affordable Inpatient Rehab

Those people with addiction issues and limited funds to pay for treatment need to understand what options are available in terms of affordable inpatient rehab options in the USA.

Here are some ways that should be considered by those in this position.

Affordable Inpatient rehab at the lower end of the cost scale:

While it is more of a challenge to find affordable inpatient rehab facilities at the lower end of the cost scale it needs to be understood that they are available. Even establishments that are out of immediate financial reach will often offer ways in which this treatment can be offered.

This can include an initial down-payment and monthly payments thereafter, or they may offer treatment on a sliding-scale based on your income.

Take full advantage of any private medical insurance policy:

Anyone holding a private medical insurance policy should check the conditions relating to rehabilitation treatment. This is because an increasing number of insurance companies are covering costs for some aspects of this treatment.

It is unlikely that full costs of inpatient rehab treatment will be covered but such a policy will certainly keep personal expenses down.

No-cost inpatient rehab facilities:

Establishments providing free inpatient rehab treatment are provided by the Government Health Department as well as church and non-profit organisations.

Government-run inpatient rehab facilities:

These establishments are known as Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres and offer addiction treatment for those who cannot afford to pay for it.

There are significant differences in terms of the accommodation and facilities available when compared with privately-run establishments.

The most noticeable differences include extended waiting lists, basic living quarters that are often on a shared basis. As well as, a requirement at some of these centres for patients to help with such things as daily cooking and cleaning duties. There will also be an absence of ‘luxury’ facilities such as a swimming pool.

However, these no-cost facilities focus on the very real and important issue of helping those in need to overcome their addiction. To this end successful treatment rates are on par with averages across private facilities in the country.

Church and non-profit organisations:

This group of ‘not for profit’ organisations do sterling work on limited resources. They offer outpatient support for those with substance abuse issues and although funding is limited they do run some inpatient establishments. These are offered to addicts with limited resources who are serious about achieving long-term sobriety.

This accommodation also includes sober-living houses that are located throughout the country. These are usually subsidised or covered under public assistance programs.

A final consideration:

Regardless of a person’s financial situation there is one option that anyone seeking addiction treatment should bear in mind. This is overseas inpatient addiction treatment.

Thailand is a prime example of where low cost, quality addiction treatment is available. Not only are you offered choice of location, private, comfortable accommodation and ample facilities that match or beat many privately-run establishments in your home country. In terms of pricing they beat USA inpatient rehab costs hands down.

A prime example of this must be cited. Affordable inpatient rehab options in the USA may be limited but this is not the case in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The country’s longest established luxury rehab establishment has reduced costs by 2/3rds for a 1-month treatment stay. The cost for this stay and treatment is now an astonishing $ 4,995. An added advantage is that approved personal health insurance policies are also accepted.

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