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Affordable Inpatient Rehab Options – U.K.

Affordable Inpatient Rehab Options

Affordable Inpatient Rehab Options. The UK has more than its fair share of people struggling with addiction issues, but the sovereign country has less than a fair share of affordable inpatient rehab options. U.K. voluntary groups who campaign on behalf of those in need of addiction treatment state quite plainly that this is due to a lack of government commitment and funding.

Government funded establishments:

The government does provide outpatient addiction services across the country. Also, a number of residential establishments for those without the financial means to pay for such services.

As would be expected, the residential establishments have waiting lists and there are several referrals and examinations required before a person in need of treatment will be accepted.

The good news for the few who are accepted is that treatment methods employed are similar to those at many of the country’s private inpatient rehabilitation establishments.

Facilities at these establishments are basic and patients may have to share a room. Leisure facilities can be very limited and none of the perks that come as standard at private inpatient rehab facilities will be available.

Charitable organisations:

There are a number of charitable organisations across the UK that work tirelessly to help those with addiction issues. They provide differing levels of outpatient treatment but the number of inpatient facilities available is limited due to costs involved. Those that do provide addiction treatment offer adequate accommodation and approved treatment in a caring environment.

Private inpatient facilities:

There is a wide choice of privately owned rehabilitation centres available across the U.K. with costs between 1,500-3,000 English Pounds per week. Those who can afford this treatment will benefit from comfortable accommodation and facilities, healthy meals and counselling sessions from fully qualified addiction specialists.

If these costs are beyond your reach there are various things that can be considered.

Private health insurance:

Those who have private health policies should check their cover. Most private health plans will cover costs of rehabilitation at a private facility.

Help from family and friends:

This is another option to consider. Family and close friends will understand how costly it is to maintain an addiction and if they are able to assist you financially they may do so. This could be in the form of a gift, or in terms of a loan that you commit to repay when you are in a position to do so.

Commercial loans:

This is also an option but to secure a commercial loan you will need to provide proof of income or some security. This is not always possible for those struggling with addiction.

Consider outpatient services in the first instance:

Affordable Inpatient Rehab Options. Those in need of addiction treatment should speak with their doctor to see what locally available outpatient addiction services are available. Once this treatment is set in motion the healing process can begin.

It should also help family and friends understand that you are determined to leave your addiction behind. Committing to this outpatient treatment may make them think twice about financially assisting you in securing treatment at a private inpatient rehabilitation establishment.

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