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Healthy Ways to have Fun

When in active addiction having fun means partying and chasing the next high. Once you have decided to enter recovery, the fun does not have to end, it must simply be changed to more appropriate behaviors. Life can be far from boring even without drugs and alcohol. How you choose to spend your down time can make a real difference in gaining long term recovery. So what are the options when you move from addiction being fun to a sober life? They are almost limitless.

Making the choice to enter recovery and work toward long term recovery is tough, but this choice opens doors. While the work that goes into recovery is real and usually difficult, life does not end and fun can still be had often. While having fun is a personal experience, this article will offer some options that may be appealing.

First you must have a desire to find ways of having fun and remaining sober. Some people enter recovery and shut themselves away until things become easy, but hiding from life is not the answer. In fact hiding from all the fun that can be had can slow progress in recovery. The goal is to move into a normal life without drugs or alcohol, not to avoid life altogether. Just as with many things in recovery it helps to take notes and jot down ideas. Take time to make a list of things you enjoy. Can you enjoy these things without the enhancement of your drug of choice? If so then this is a good starting point. The activities you choose do not need to be pricey or extreme, just things that make you happy. In fact if sitting by the lake reading a book brings you joy, then make time to do so on your pathway to recovery.

After the list is created, prioritize and decide what you want to do or try first. Maybe you can find a group of individuals who enjoy the same activity and meet new friends while expanding your support circle. If there is a hobby you have always wanted to try, now is the time. Take the chance on something new, in fact, challenge yourself to try one new activity a week or a month.

Fun, healthy activities can also be motivation to keep going in the recovery journey. After you have discovered hobbies or activities that you truly enjoy and find fun, use them as motivation for reaching goals. Set an attainable goal that once met, can be rewarded by time spent in a fun activity. Save costly or more time consuming activities for bigger goals. If you are using a fun activity as a reward for a goal met, make sure the goal is attainable in a timely manner. Also remember that if you fail to meet the goal the first time give yourself a break and try again. Meeting the goal and rewarding yourself allows for some fun and relaxation while still making gains. As a challenge to yourself try at least one new activity every few months to expand your horizons and maximize enjoyment. What will you choose to do for fun? What are you willing to try now that you can truly enjoy life?

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