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How to Access Affordable Rehab

Affordable Rehab Center

Affordable Rehab Options – Drug or alcohol addiction is a grave and life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. Each year at least 50,000 individuals die as a result of overdoses, while others suffer worsening health, fractured relationships and lost jobs. Rehab centers tackle addiction from various angles, providing coping skills, medical care and a safe and healthy recovery environment.

Because of their comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to health care, rehab centers are sometimes the most expensive option for people fighting addiction. Rehab may cost a person or his family several hundred dollars each day, with elite facilities charging higher rates. However, with some research, you will find some affordable rehab options discussed below:

Government Programs

Medicaid is an aid program funded by the government for individuals with extremely low incomes. It usually covers most or all the costs of basic healthcare. A majority of states provide some funding for rehab via Medicaid. But you might be restricted to specific health care facilities and may need to explore other treatment options first.


The Affordable Care Act stipulates that health insurance plans cover rehab for people who require it. Moreover, insurance companies are not allowed to treat addiction as a pre-existing medical condition. It implies that you may apply for insurance coverage even in cases you do not have it already.

Payment Plans and Scholarships

Many facilities provide scholarships that can cover all or part of the cost of your treatment. Various private donors may fund them or established by the facility itself. You can ask if a facility offers any scholarships, the amount they cover and the application process. If they do not, many facilities help patients’ set up payment plans that cover their costs. You may be able to work out an arrangement with them.

Tax Deductions

Never overlook the possible tax breaks you can avail by entering inpatient rehab programs. In case your aggregate medical costs for a year exceed ten percent of your total income, you are allowed to deduct all costs over that mark. Although these tax deductions might not provide any immediate relief, they will help you save money in the future.

Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms are required to treat patients undergoing medical emergencies, in spite of their ability to pay. Therefore, you can visit any emergency room at any time if you have overdosed. Also, most emergency rooms can manage various mental health issues, such as psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts.

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