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What Alcohol Does To The Body – Part 2 of 3

binge drinking session

This is the 2nd part of a 3-part article outlining a variety of negative consequences caused by those who either drink to excess on a regular basis. Or those who choose to abstain and then hit the town on a regular binge drinking session.

A weakening of the immune system:

It is quite understandable for a heavy drinker to put those cold or feelings of a flu attack down to the changing seasons, but they should think again. This is because alcohol slows down the effects of your immune system. Excessive alcohol is limiting the production of white blood cells the body needs to efficiently fight germs.

This is one reason why a person is more likely to get sick within 24-hours of a binge drinking session. It is also a fact that those who are long-term, excessive drinkers will be faced with such problems as pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Playing havoc with your hormones:

Hormones are powerful chemicals that are responsible for the way the body works and reacts. They affect a wide range of an individual’s actions and moods. Examples being how quickly food is digested to how active their sex life is. If your hormones are imbalanced then your body suffers knock-on effects that put things out of kilter.

Women who drink heavily often find their periods are affected and their desire for sexual activity wanes. Men can suffer with erectile dysfunction. This means that if they do achieve an erection it rarely lasts the course. They also need to bear in mind that continued heavy drinking will produce a lowering sperm count and shrinking testicles.

Loss of hearing:

While health experts are unsure as to why it is known that excess alcohol taken over long periods affects a person’s hearing. This could be because it affects the part of the brain that processes sound, or, as others think, because it damages the nerves and tiny hairs present in your ears that help a person hear.

Three everyday irritation problems:

Here are 3 everyday irritation problems that heavy drinkers have to contend:

Excess stomach acid:

Because alcohol irritates the stomach’s lining it causes digestive juices to flow. The build-up of this acid and alcohol are the cause of nauseous feelings and vomiting. These high levels of stomach juices also quell hunger meaning that heavy drinkers do not get a sufficiently varied diet and stomach ulcers are a common, uncomfortable problem.


Another common problem for regular drinkers. Heartburn is caused because it relaxes muscles that normally keep acid out of the tube which connects your mouth and stomach; the esophagus

A Binge Drinking Session And Diarrhea:

Alcohol also irritates the small intestine and colon by affecting the normal speed in which food moves through them. This is one reason that a binge drinking session will lead to diarrhea.

In the final part of this 3-part article on what alcohol does to the body we will look at what alcohol does to your liver. Why you constantly need to visit the bathroom. How it affects sleep and just what a hangover is.

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