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What Alcohol Does To Your Body – Part 1 Of 3

What Alcohol Does To Your Body

What Alcohol Does To Your Body. Let’s take a look at what alcohol does to the body from that very first sip. Because there are so many effects we have broken this article down into 3 parts. Let’s get cracking with the 1st:

What Alcohol Does To Your Body – It is a sprint to the brain:

Just half a minute after your first sip of alcohol it’s charge towards the brain begins. When it gets there, it slows down chemicals and obstructs pathways that your brain cells use to send and receive messages.

It is these reactions that alter your mood. Slows down your reflexes and challenges your equilibrium. The more alcohol you consume the less straight you will be able to think and the more you will forget in both the short and long-term.

The Brain – Heavy drinking can shrink the brain:

What Alcohol Does To Your Body. Those men and women who drink heavily for a long time will find this affects how their brain looks and how it works. This is because alcohol-soaked brain cells go through changes and reduce in size. When excessive drinking causes brain shrinkage it will affect things such as a person’s ability to think and to remember new things taught.

Two other problems are that constantly feeding the brain alcohol makes the body work harder at keeping a steady temperature and its effectiveness at fully controlling body movements is reduced.

The Heart – Irregular beat:

Your heart works on electrical signals that keep its rhythm steady. An intense drinking session, such as that experienced during binge drinking can mix up this steady rhythm and cause an irregular heartbeat. Those who regularly drink heavily over years can make these changes permanent.

The Heart – Wearing it out:

It is a little acknowledged fact but heavy drinking can actually wear the heart out. This is because the pressures alcohol is putting on it cause the heart muscles to droop and stretch. When the heart is not in optimum health it cannot pump blood around the body as effectively as it is meant to do. This will impact every other part of your body and their functions.

Changing body temperature:

What Alcohol Does To Your Body. Under normal circumstances the body has sensors and triggers that react to warming up or cooling down. Excessive alcohol widens blood vessels which makes more blood flow to the skin. This is why those who drink heavily often suffer hot flushes. These are short lived because that extra blood makes a quick exit from the body with the result that body temperature drops.

Another concern is that long-term and consistent heavy drinking works to increase blood pressure by forcing your body to release stress hormones. This in turn narrow’s blood vessels meaning that the heart is forced to work harder to pump much needed blood throughout the body.

Much more to follow:

In the 2nd and 3rd part of this article we will look at what consistent, heavy drinking does to the immune system, how it affects hormones, hearing, sleeping and other factors that will contribute to physical and mental issues affecting a person’s quality of life.

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