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Methamphetamine Epidemic Continues To Sweep Australia

Ice Addiction

Ice Addiction Continues To Spike Among Aussies

Ice Addiction – When people around the world visualize Australia; they think of kangaroos, the rugged Outback, the Sydney Opera House, and the wonderful climate. Nobody associates the Land Down Under with methamphetamine addiction – unless, of course, you live there.

Methamphetamines (also known as meth, ice, or crystal) have scourged the continent. It’s a major issue for Aussies and research shows the problem is on the rise. Meth addiction is so bad in Australia, those in leadership are calling it an epidemic and have taken swift action to address increasing ice use across the commonwealth.

Here are some staggering Ice Addiction statistics that will make your head spin:

  • Australia has more meth users than anywhere else in the English-speaking world.
  • According to Time, the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey reports that “about 3 million Australians, an astonishing 7 percent of the population, have used methamphetamine and 400,000 (or just over 2 percent of all Australians) have done so in the last 12 months.”
  • The number of meth users in Australia has tripled in the past five years.
  • Of those who used ice in past 12 months, 20 percent say they use it weekly or daily.

What The Australian Government Is Doing To Combat The Ice Epidemic

The ice problem in Australia is so problematic, in April 2015, the commonwealth’s government put together the National Ice Taskforce to take necessary action to combat increasing methamphetamine use in Australia. The taskforce’s recommendations included prevention through education, treatment for addicts who have a methamphetamine addiction, and law enforcement actions that reduce supply across Australia.

Despite sincere efforts from community leaders, law enforcement officials and the taskforce, however; the taskforce reports that ice addiction is still prevalent across Australia and that addiction continues to spread.

How Meth Addiction Is Affecting Australians

According to the National Ice Taskforce, the ice epidemic continues to impact Australia in the following ways:

  • “Risky behaviors including unsafe sex, the sharing of needles by injecting users, and driving under the influence of drugs.
  • “Personal costs including risk of dependence, physical and mental health issues, involvement in crime, loss of employment and housing and disruption to education.
  • “Distress for children, families and communities including family breakdown, financial distress and concern over users’ erratic and at times violent behavior.
  • “Potential risk to frontline workers including health, welfare and law enforcement workers, from aggressive behavior of users and exposure to dangerous chemicals from labs.
  • “Concern in regional and remote communities as ice becomes an increasing problem – with these populations particularly vulnerable due to isolation and socioeconomic pressures.
  • “Organized crime supported by the profits from the sale of ice. More than 60 per cent of Australia’s most significant organized criminal groups are involved in the methamphetamine market.
  • “Environmental impacts and property damage caused by the chemical process used to manufacture ice in clandestine laboratories.”

Are You An Aussie Battling An Addiction To Ice?

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