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Finding A Recovery Sponsor

Recovery Sponsor

Choosing a Recovery Sponsor

To work a recovery program you may need a recovery sponsor. The thing is, you don’t just want to pick anyone to be your sponsor. You want to find the right recovery sponsor for you.

Many people struggle with choosing the right person to walk them through recovery. This is understandable. It’s a big decision. You don’t want to end up with someone you don’t connect with, someone you can’t trust, or someone who isn’t a good example of what recovery is.

Here are a few suggestions for finding the right sponsor:

  1. Listen in meetings to see who is eligible for sponsorship. When you hear someone sharing and you feel you can relate to them, pray about it. Ask the God of your understanding to guide you in your decision to choose the right person to be your sponsor. Listen for the answer. It will be revealed to you somehow in a way you can understand.
  1. Choose someone who has worked through recovery. You don’t want to select a recovery sponsor who doesn’t have a firm grasp on whatever program you are choosing to work. It is vital that you pick a sponsor who can guide you through your recovery and the only way they can do that is if they have recovered themselves.
  1. Make sure the person you have chosen to be your sponsor has a few years clean – or at least one full year. You want to select a sponsor who can show you how to live without the use of drugs or alcohol. If they haven’t walked out at least some significant recovery time, how will they be able to show you how to do it?
  1. Pick a sponsor who is living by spiritual principals. You don’t want a sponsor who is clean but still steals or cheats on their spouse. Recovery is about more than just remaining abstinent from drugs or alcohol. It’s about living a life that is guided by spiritual principles. You want someone who is guiding your path to be able to show you how to live the right way.
  1. Select someone who is truly available. You need to be able to reach your sponsor by phone on a regular basis and meet with them to do the work. If someone if super busy and overloaded with commitments, they won’t be able to dedicate the time that you deserve.

The Sponsor Recoveree Relationship

Remember, the sponsor-sponsee relationship is a special and sacred one. You will be sharing your innermost secrets with your sponsor and will need to be able to trust him or her. You need to be able to believe what they say. They need to be available to you.
Keep in mind that choosing a sponsor isn’t a lifelong commitment. If you choose a sponsor and you feel like the relationship isn’t working out, you can always find someone else.

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