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The Prison of the Mind

prison of the mind

The Prison of the Mind – The mind is an amazingly complex thing. The human mind allows us to think, process, and feel emotion. The mind never shuts down as long as we are alive. However, we can become prisoners of our own minds and thoughts. People will often make predictions about you and your life. If you believe these predictions or titles you can get bogged down. We must instead only listen to those things that empower us. This is what we need to believe.

People often make predictions about others starting very young. These may be based on what they know of the family or the living situation. These may even just be guesses because the other person feels a need to share an opinion. We must remember that it is just an opinion. In the world of addiction these predictions can help create a prison in your mind. Addicts have often come from a life where addiction is prominent. They often feel expected to use or drink or otherwise become part of that life. The same could be said of those born into a prominent gang area. The expectation is that the person will be little in life or get involved in something illegal or at least on the fringe. However, this is not true. You can rise above expectations and you should. Everyone has that ability if they are willing to work hard. No two people will have the same life circumstances, but we can still be the best person we choose to be over time. You are much more than your upbringing, your surroundings, or even your past.

The illustration that best suits this idea is someone sitting in a jail cell. The door is open, but the person remains. This person remains because they feel like a prisoner. The escape to freedom is just steps away, but the person has resigned themselves to something much less. The bars are still comfortable and home like, even if it is not pleasant. Part of this is pity. Pity is one of the most dangerous ‘drugs’ in life because once we pity ourselves or others, the power to be free and grow is taken. Instead you must learn to celebrate no matter what is happening. Good can be found in everything if we search. Once the good is found we can build on it and things will improve in time. Remember nothing lasts forever.

So escaping the prison of the mind is as simple as remembering a single phrase, you are enough. You have within you everything you need to accomplish your goals, if you are willing to keep trying. Those that give up are giving into the prison of the mind. The ultimate goal is to bring value to your life and that of others. What have you done to bring value to lives? What are you willing to do? It is time to get up and walk out of that prison door to freedom. You will amaze yourself at what can be accomplished if you use your mind to create value instead of a prison.

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