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Overcoming The Shame Of Being A Sex Addict

Sex Addict

Unfortunately, There Is A Stigma Attached To Being A Sex Addict

Sex Addict – Although there is a stigma still attached to those who have struggled with an addiction to drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. It is nothing compared to what a sex addict has to face. People who have struggled with a sex addiction not only have to endure the shame and remorse of the things they did while they were in the midst of their addiction. They also have to suffer the judgment of people who do not understand this problem.

When it comes to substance abuse issues, most people can get on board with the idea that addiction is a disease. The majority of people around the world have at least some compassion for the drug addict or alcoholic. They understand that chemical dependency is a sickness. However, people have a tendency to view sex addiction in a different light. They think of it in terms of morality and believe that “abnormal” sexual behavior is sinful, dirty, or just downright wrong. These people are misinformed.

We’re here to set the record straight.

Sexual Addiction Is Driven By Obsession And Compulsion

If you are feeling shame and guilt because of past decisions when you were in your addiction to sex or pornography. Stop it. Give yourself a break. Take on a loving and forgiving attitude towards yourself. You are not bad or immoral. Nor are you dirty or sinful. You were sick. Sex addiction is just as much an illness as drug addiction and alcoholism is.

It might help things a bit if you truly understand that sex addiction is driven by an obsessive and compulsive cycle. One that is beyond the addict’s control. It starts out with obsessive thinking focused on acting out sexually. When someone is engaged in obsessive thinking, the object of the obsession is all they can think about.

Before long, someone driven by obsession will feel a compulsive need to act out on their obsession to find relief. The compulsion is overpowering. Someone driven by obsession and compulsion is, in no uncertain terms, physically unable to stop themselves from committing the sexual act they are compelled to commit. A sex addicts mechanisms of their brain circuitry has been rendered powerless, unable to exert free will.

By Working The Steps, You Will Be Relieved Of Your Shame

You’re not proud of the things you did when you were active in your sexual addiction. But, know this. No addict is happy with themselves when they come to terms with their addict behavior when they get into recovery. You simply must understand that your actions were beyond your control when your addiction was running the show.

In time, as you gain more knowledge about your condition, you will come to forgive yourself and understand that you weren’t in your right mind when you acted out. By working the steps, you will experience a restoration of sanity. You will be able to make amends to the people you have harmed – most importantly, yourself. A sex addicts shame will be replaced with freedom as they come to accept sex addiction for what it truly is. A disease driven not by immorality, but obsession and compulsion.

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