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Why Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Addiction affects everyone in a different way. Some may feel that they can still function professionally, while others fall quickly into despair. When the time comes that the person is ready for help it is often beneficial to move away from the physical location that the addiction is occurring. This does not have to be a permanent move, but the beginning stages of recovery are very stressful, emotional, and physically draining. Getting away from every day responsibilities offers a real chance at getting through the toughest part of recovery. Then slowly adding back responsibilities from life. This can be accomplished through a residential treatment program.

The Residential Program At DARA

DARA offer a residential program starting at four weeks with an affordable price that is well worth a chance at recovery. Entering a residential treatment center means that help is available 24 hours a day for the client. If cravings hit at three in the morning and help is needed than it is available. This is not true of outpatient facilities that are only open during normal working hours. Some people may be able to work on addiction outpatient, but most will not be successful in this manner. Residential treatment at DARA allows for key changes physically and mentally for each client. The inpatient facility at DARA can help clients learn to change their perceptions, behaviors, and attitudes. It is a former resort that has been converted to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of clients.

What better way to deal with addiction issues than in a luxury spot that can change your life. In addition, any underlying problems that are discovered while starting recovery can also be addressed. It is common for a dual diagnosis to occur with addiction. This simply means that there is often a co-occurring mental issue that must also be treated. Depression and anxiety are two that happen often.

DARA Residential Clients

The clients who enter treatment at DARA as residential clients are often in a relapse or have not been successful in other program types. People from all over the world are welcome at DARA Thailand. This center that is often far away from home can offer the beginning of a new start and new life. A few weeks of residential treatment can allow the client to get clean and adopt new attitudes and behaviors that will serve recovery well upon a return home. The time spent as a resident of DARA can allow the recovery process to truly take root and allow for lifelong changes. This is accomplished through skill building as well as physical and emotional support that offers true steps in the right direction. Skills that can then be used in the daily lives of clients as they move back into their lives.

The early stages of recovery are truly the most important. If you are ready to make these lasting changes then DARA Thailand is just a phone call away. Wait no longer. Pick up the phone, find the website, and begin a new life for yourself one day at a time.

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