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Personal Conflict in Recovery

Personal Conflict in Recovery

Recovery is uncomfortable. It may be something that is necessary, but it is not an easy undertaking. This is not meant as a way to discourage those entering recovery, just a dose of brutal honesty that may need to be heard. Basically, there are two type of people in life, those who fight the uncomfortable and those who face it. To truly gain something from recovery and build a worthwhile life you must be the latter. This is not an easy task to undertake and there will probably be times that you want to give up, but there are ways to cope with the use of healthy mechanisms that will help you to stay in recovery. The choice is yours if you are willing to take it. If you are ready to make this change, then read on.

Those who fight the uncomfortable are always hiding, hating, and blaming. These actions and emotions are exhausting. Why would you want to be in a constant state of exhaustion? Those who face personal conflict head on learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. These individuals master staying calm and patient, even when in an uncomfortable situation. Being uncomfortable is a matter of fact point in life. Life is painfully uncomfortable most of the time, but there are some things you can do.

The root of uncomfortable is the universal rejection truth. The fact is that you will sometimes be rejected. Some people will like you, some will not. This is a fact of life that cannot be escaped. You must face those people head on. You may have to work your way through places and things that are not easy, but you can do it with the support of those in your circle. These support individuals will help you to feel loved and supported if you allow them. This will help you fight through the times that are the most uncomfortable.

Patience is also the key. You must be patient. Just as you cannot build a house in a day, your life and your ability to handle the uncomfortable will not be perfected overnight. Get out there and try to face your uncomfortable situations. Isolation will never allow you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. In fact, talk about the things that make you uncomfortable. Often giving a voice to these concerns can take away their power. Start by sharing with one person and then grow your circle. This can lead you to find people and places you are comfortable with in life. This is why a support system is so important. These are the people that will be honest with you and that you can be honest with in life, good or bad.

Maybe you are not yet to the point where you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, but you will get there if you keep working. Recovery in itself is an uncomfortable process, but you are stronger than your addiction. Keep moving forward, you are strong enough to overcome anything even your own personal conflict.

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