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The Simple Facts About Alcoholism

The Simple Facts About Alcoholism

Drinking is a part of adult life. For much of the world, this is simply that case. Alcohol is firmly embedded as part of the cultural life of all of Europe, Australia, and much of Asia. Many of us will taste our first drops of wine or beer in childhood. For most people this is fine. The majority of adults will drink alcohol all their lives and never have an issue with it. Even those who occasionally drink too much will likely be just fine. They will have their hangover and not give drinking another thought for days, weeks, or even months. However, there are those unlucky few for whom alcohol will take over their lives. What exactly does this consist of?

At some point the problem drinker will begin to be preoccupied with thoughts of drinking. When we are with family, we should be thinking about family. Even if we are with family and we are not really enjoying ourselves, the normal course of drifting thoughts would be considered acceptable. But when we are involved in such activities and our thoughts constantly wonder to thoughts of drinking, we might be demonstrating a sign of problem drinking. Being preoccupied with drinking to the exclusion of thoughts more appropriate to the moment is a sign of alcoholism.

If a person drinks alcohol, it is fairly normal to drink too much on occasion. We get caught up in a good time. Or we simply miscalculate how much we can handle at a given time. These things will happen. It is even considered normal to just get drunk once in a while. But when we tend to drink too much most or every time we drink, then we can see signs of alcoholism.

Again, there is nothing terribly problematic about having a drink when one is having a difficult time. Alcohol is a powerful drug for offering relief in times of stress and difficulty. But if we find ourselves reaching for the bottle every time we have a bad day. If the ordinary stresses of life seem to  send you to the bar. Then you may be showing signs of alcoholism. There is a difference between a relaxing drink during a moment of acute stress and using alcohol to punctuate the end of any given day. The need to drink simply because you has a long day can be a warning sign.

Finally, advanced signs of alcoholism include the inability to stop drinking whenever you start and signs of withdrawal when you try to abstain. If you find that every time you drink you keep drinking until intoxicated or if you begin experiencing blackouts and memory loss, then you are showing signs of alcoholism. If you attempt ot abstain from drinking but find you experience shaking, tremors, or intense anxiety, these things are signs of real alcoholism.

Any of these symptoms should give one pause. Any combination of these would indicate a likely drinking problem. If you are experiencing these symptoms, there are ways to help. Treatment for alcoholism is now medically grounded and sophisticated. The treatments for alcoholism are many and this problem can be alleviated.

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