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Recovery from Substance Abuse

Recovery From Substance Abuse

Recovery is a word that is tossed around a great deal when discussing addiction, but what is recovery. Well, recovery from substance abuse is many things to many different people. Some people will use Suboxone as part of recovery, some will quit cold turkey and use nothing to battle withdrawal and cravings. No matter which route you choose on your journey, know that it will not be an easy one. Recovery is first and foremost no longer abusing a drug or alcohol. This means no use, not occasional use or use on a special occasion. If you are an addict you will always be an addict, recovery means you are just an addict who does not use any longer. The good news is that addiction offers you many unique opportunities.

In fact, addiction offers you the chance to restart your life and make of it what you want. This is not a chance everyone gets, but you can if you choose recovery.

Addiction takes a great deal from the addict. It can cause the loss of family, friends, homes, money, and in some cases health. All of these things can be recovered in time, if you are willing to put in the work. Rebuilding a life is not easy, but you will now have the strength and stamina to overcome any obstacle, after all, you have beaten the stronghold of a drug. This means you can do anything. The first step is, of course, getting the drugs out of your system. Detox can be traumatic and you will probably need medical and psychological help along the way.

Once the initial detox is over, the real work of rebuilding your life begins. You are now a blank slate and can write your life as you want it to be at that moment. Perhaps you need to regain some independence through work, earning a license, paying off old debts, and healing old wounds.

There are organizations to help you figure out how to start this process. A license is a key to freedom that may have been lost during drug use. Start studying, pay off old fines, and earn your right to drive again. If you are homeless, find safe temporary shelter and then start earning money in a legal and safe way to find a place of your own. Working for these things will make them feel even more special than having someone hand you everything. Once you have gained some independence it will seem safe to spend time with old friends, but stay strong and realize you are starting over and that needs to include a new support circle of friends who respect your boundaries and are not using. There is no need to unnecessarily tempt yourself back into addiction.

There will be bumps along the way as you are in recovery from substance abuse or behavioral addiction. In fact, many people relapse, but a relapse does not mean failure unless you let it mean failure. Simply start over and get back on track quickly. Your life is what you choose to make of it and overcoming addiction will make you stronger than ever. You are much more than your addiction.

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