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Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

In life we often get comfortable. While being comfortable can be nice for a time, getting too comfortable means that we can grow old and stale. Routine is also nice, but never changing means never growing. Imagine a goldfish in a bowl. If the bowl is small there is no danger, no risk, but the fish will stay small. If the fish had the chance to go into a pond there would be risks such as larger fish and other predators, but there is also opportunity to grow and thrive. Without the risks there are no rewards. In life you can choose to stay small or be willing to face the uncomfortable and grow into something better. In recovery, this is important as you must change so much about your life and way of thinking. This allows you to grow so you do not become stagnate.

Though stagnation is far from optimal, the other end of the spectrum is chaos. Chaos also inhibits growth. Living in a chaotic environment means that nothing can truly be accomplished. When life becomes too chaotic it seems nothing can be completed. This means living in a constant state of disarray that creates even more chaos in the mind. There is hope, between these two extremes falls order and comfort mixed with discomfort and complexity. When the discomfort hits the outcomes can be unpredictable, but can create growth in the learning process. So how do we create this complexity that leads to real growth and change?

Well the truth is we can try new things and send ourselves into complexity, but this is not typically the case. Typically, complexity is forced upon us by a person or by life changes. Though it may be unexpected and uncomfortable it is a time that we can grow and change if we allow ourselves.  Your response is the only determining factor in how much growth you can make over time. Are you willing to move into complexity and out of comfort for growth? How about to avoid stagnation?

If you can answer one or both of these questions or even one in the positive then you are ready to start allowing changes to happen. The changes may not be easy at first, but they will allow you to become a different and better person. As part of recovery you are somewhat forced into complexity by simply choosing to enter recovery. This can be a challenging time in which you are uncomfortable. It can be tough to stay the course and move into your new life, but it will be worth it if you can stay strong.

If you are new to recovery then you are probably feeling the massive weight of all the changes that need to occur. Take heart, there are many who have traveled this journey before you and more that will follow. Take this opportunity to work on yourself and find a supportive group of people that will help hold you up on the toughest days. As you grow and change, start helping others with your own journey as it will provide you strength. You have all the strength and stamina you need if you allow yourself to channel it into the good you can do for yourself and others.

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