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Meth Mouth – A Terrible Consequence of Ice Addiction

meth mouth

The Ice Epidemic – An International Addiction Problem

Methamphetamine addiction has taken the world by storm. Also known as ice, meth, and crystal meth; methamphetamine is a highly addictive and very toxic drug that devastates individuals, their families, and society at large.

The problem is so bad that many beautiful locales known for their high quality of living have declared a nationwide ice epidemic. Indeed, meth is bringing down entire countries – one ice addict at a time. Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and the United States are just a few of the many civilized nations that are reporting ice as a major addiction problem among their people.

Meth Mouth Is A Nasty Consequence of Ice Addiction

One of the most unfortunate consequences to the individual ice addict is a condition known as “meth mouth.” When someone abuses meth, the drug destroys the teeth and gums and causes extreme and unsightly tooth decay, broken teeth, gum disease, and other major problems in the mouth. Many meth users are forced to have all of their teeth removed because the drug has ravaged every single one of their teeth.

This drug causes major dental problems in the mouth in a very short period of time. When someone develops meth mouth, it destroys their smile. This not only makes them self-conscious, it makes them difficult for others to look at.

View this slide show to see pictures of meth mouth.

What Causes Meth Mouth?

Here are a few causes of meth mouth:

  • Meth addicts generally do not take care of their teeth. They don’t brush and floss regularly as recommended by dentists. This causes a surge of bacteria in the mouth, which leads to meth mouth.
  • Crystal meth causes dehydration. This significantly reduces the amount of saliva that naturally protects the teeth and gums and promotes tooth decay. Saliva helps neutralize acids and bacteria in the mouth. When there isn’t enough saliva, the teeth rot rather quickly.
  • Because ice shrinks the blood vessels, it restricts the blood supply to the mouth. When the mouth does not have an adequate supply of healthy blood, the blood vessels shrink and ultimately die. This causes the tissue in the mouth to decay, which causes infection to destroy the teeth and gums.
  • Those who are addicted to crystal meth maintain a poor diet. They are known to drink sugary drinks like soda and they eat lots of candy and chocolate. These poor nutritional choices – combined with poor oral hygiene – lead to the weakening of the teeth and cause damage to the gums.
  • When addicts abuse ice, the drug causes the user to grind their teeth, which causes already weakened teeth to fracture and break.
  • Meth is made of toxic and dangerous chemical ingredients. Ammonia, red phosphorus and lithium are just a few of the things used to make crystal meth. These toxins deteriorate tooth enamel, rot the teeth, and help contribute to meth mouth.

Anyone who uses ice for any length of time is GUARANTEED to develop meth mouth. While some will see their teeth rot faster than others, many experience the negative effects of the drug on the teeth and gums as early as six months after continued use. 

Want to Get Your Smile Back? DARA Thailand Can Help

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