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Blueprint for Life

Blueprint for Life

Addiction has a way of taking life in directions that are unexpected. These life paths usually get worse and rougher the longer addiction lasts. When someone decides to enter recovery they have the unique opportunity to create a new life, to draw a new blueprint for their life. This is an amazing opportunity, but one that will take work. Consider building a new house from the ground up. You must start with a firm foundation that is clearly drawn out on detailed plans. The same goes for the interior and exterior of the house. You would not expect a contractor to start from the roof of the house and work their way out. So you should not expect to start at the top when facing your issues in recovery.

Remember, small victories are still victories in life. As you start to draw out your new blueprint start with the things you know you can achieve that will offer you a firm foundation to build on, then keep going.

Life blueprints are different for each person, but most believe that you are not enough unless you are special or unique. This is not true as everyone is special or unique in some way. What area are you doing well in at this moment (friends, family, recovery, career)? Whatever area you are doing well in is the one most likely to be lining up with your life’s blueprint. Those areas that are not bringing you happiness or are causing pain and turmoil are those that do not line up. The ironic part is that many may not even realize what their life blueprint looks like, just what is working and what is not in their lives. All areas are different for everyone as we each have unique values, goals, and situations.

So how do you know what your life blueprint is? Does it ever change? Read on for the answers to these life changing questions.

Your life blueprint is totally up to you. Find what parts of your life are working and figure out exactly what about those parts of your life are keeping you happy. If they are keeping you happy in healthy manners then take the good parts of that area and apply them to other areas. Life is a series of growth spurts so to speak. This means that not all areas will grow and thrive at the same time. But this doesn’t mean you stop working in a specific area. You do this by finding the basic needs in each area and seeing how to best meet these needs in a healthy manner. At times you may find sticking to your blueprint challenging. But you can get through the challenges and into the next growth spurt.

This may all seem out of reach, but it is possible. You have to put your life into perspective, learn to connect with others. Change your blueprint when needed to stay focused on what is best for your life. You can go from where you are to where you want to be if you simply plan ahead.

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