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Finding Joy in the Daily Grind

Finding Joy in the Daily Grind

Day to day life can be tough. Even the most motivated people face a day to day life that can get grueling and stressful. The monotony can be overwhelming at times. This holds true in recovery as well as you move from the uncertainty of where the next fix is coming from to a more typical schedule. While the scheduled type life can help you stay focused on recovery it can also become boring and a bit depressing at times. This can be dealt with in such a way as to continue in recovery.

Rather than dwelling on what you dislike or let work pile up, focus your mind on more productive or positive thoughts. You can choose to think about your overarching goals and ways to improve your situation. Try these three suggestions to find greater satisfaction in the day to day. First, connect  smaller tasks to bigger goals. This could be something as simple as cleaning a single room a day until the entire house is done or folding one load of laundry an hour instead of ten at a time. To prevent the boredom that comes with these thankless tasks, remember what you gain if you complete the task. This is something you can decide on ahead of time, such as a movie of your choice once all the laundry is completed and put away.

Remember that a motivating payoff is something that you really care about and will want to work toward.

Next, know why what you are doing is important and create challenges for yourself. Sometimes we just need to get through a boring task. Challenge yourself with a time limit or a goal to do it faster each day or week as needed. Give yourself a treat at set intervals as a motivator if needed.

Finally, hack the tasks you hate to make them easier. As the saying goes, work smarter not harder. You have access to a million different life hacks online, find what works for you. This includes being or getting organized to make things easier. This will make the task much more tolerable over time.

Now that you have learned how to face the daily grind, what does it have to do with recovery? Life and recovery may feel like total monotony at times, but how you approach it can truly make a difference. Approach recovery in a way that makes it challenging and fun, even the boring stuff that is involved. You may still need to get through all the aspects of reaching long term recovery, but it does not have to be a chore you dread. It may seem like at times you are simply doing the same things over and over and making little progress, but even small steps forward will build up over time. You are your own guide in this journey, make it what you want.

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